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Go West young man, go west:

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Belah Park
The set up at Balah Park Cotton Farm

We met with our new client, Mick Gore from Gore Earth Moving on Monday afternoon on our way home from Brisbane.
Mick gave us the directions to the farm, Belah Park that his company us currently working on.
They’re extending the current water reservoir to be able to store 6000 mega litres.
The farm is 56 km west of Koramba and 32 km east of Mungindi.
We took a run out on Tuesday to have a look at the site that will be our new home for approximately eight weeks.
There are two caravans on site that house two of the supervisors and one of their sons use, and an ATCO accommodation unit.
This consists of two bedrooms, one at each end of the unit, a laundry/toilet room and a mess room and kitchen in the middle.
Four workers use the two beds in each of the two rooms in this “donger”.
A typical work roster for these blokes runs fourteen days on and four days off although this changes for some who live further afield. They start work at 6:00 am and finish at 6:00 pm every day of their time on the job.

We first met Bruce who has been filling in doing the cooking as the company has had difficulty finding cooks.
Bruce would come home early, shower and then cook and clean up for six to seven men.
He did a great job and the place was extremely clean but with the cooking added to his day’s driving heavy machinery it turned out a long day for him.

Wednesday was packing up and moving day.
Remember the days when we could do this within 20 minutes? Not now!
Chris worked in the office packing up the three computer screens, his laptops, hard drives, and printer and pulling apart his deck, and keyboard trays and collecting his paperwork.
He then started on my two screens, my laptop and my desk.
I packed up the caravan, sorted out the greenhouse, sprayed some more weeds around the camp and then did a rubbish run.
I checked on Topsy and the other steer to ensure they had water and food as Shannon is away this week.
We also saw Stanley and Stretch to see if they could check on Topsy until Shannon returns.
We definitely are not as mobile anymore.

We then had to get our office chairs into the van and anything else we needed and I also wanted to take our food trolley as there isn’t much bench space in the new kitchen.
We got away before lunch and then did the whole procedure in reverse unpacking at our new site.

By the end of the day, all we wanted to do was collapse into bed with a drink in our hand but we also needed to see how Bruce ran the kitchen as Chris was taking over the next morning.
The workers return home at 6.15 pm after working their twelve-hour day. They then have showers, of which there is only one, get any washing in the machine and chat around the fire outside while waiting for dinner at 7:30 pm.
They are a great bunch of guys. They all get on well together and are happy and very polite.
We left them to their night and happily climbed into our comfortable bed knowing it was going to be a pleasure working here with them.





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