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Good Friday and a fishing invention that works!

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Well Good Friday dawns and we wake to the most beautiful sunrise.

The sea and the colours are amazing.

We can’t help but reflect on this day how important we must be to God and how much potential He must see in us that we don’t see in ourselves.

That the Creator of the wondrous things we’ve seen and experienced should die for us so that we could live in eternity is beyond comprehension.

A little cold last night without the heater but we survived again very well.

After a chat with Chris and Fay (from Rockhampton) I decide to give the fishing another go.

There is a very big rise and fall in tide here and at dead low tide the rocks are completely dry for about 300 metres out.

Think to self, “How to get a hook out over these rocks”?

So off I head over about 200 metres of rocks armed with a steel tent peg, a hammer, a pulley and pulling behind me the line from my Alvey reel, which I have set up on the beach I hammer in the peg into a rock that’s higher than the rest and clip the line from the Alvey into the little pulley I tie to the tent peg.

I then make up a line with 6 hooks and 2 floats made form 2 milk bottles.

The "Patent Pending" U Beaut rocky bottom sure fire fish catching system

The “Patent Pending” U Beaut rocky bottom sure fire fish catching system

We then sit and wait for 2 hours as the tide comes in.

At almost full tide when all the rocks are under water I get Kerrie to reel in the Alvey while I let out the baited hook line.

Soon the hooks are sitting right over the rocks that we examined at load tide.

It's hard work this fishin'

It’s hard work this fishin’

Within a few minutes the line is jumping all over the place and we reverse the process.

In comes a nice big fish just big enough for a good dinner.

Just enough for dinner

Just enough for dinner

We don’t need any more so the rest we let go.

We probably could have caught cases of fish.

Another chat with Chris and Fay as they return from another day exploring.

We collect a pile of dry wood driftwood and after a beautiful fish dinner we get a beaut fire going and are joined by Chris and Fay again. They’re lovely people and have an amazing off road 18 foot van.

They’ve done Western Australia off road.

It’s a cold night tonight so we pull out the sleeping bags.

I get up to go to the dunny in the ensuite at 4.00am and I’m sitting there in the still of the night when suddenly a rabbit hops in to the tent.

I let out an ear piercing scream that must have woken Sulphur Creek and I fall off the Porta Potti.

The poor rabbit must have had a heart attack!

Kerrie of course heard the scream but decided to stay in bed. (From Kerrie) I did get up thinking Chris had hurt himself but as the light was shining from the loo I assumed he was OK and went back to bed.
Of course, when learning of my fright she bawled with laughter for an hour.

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