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Goodbye BBQ at Barry and Christine’s

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The goodbyes and the “last time we’ll do this” situations are happening quickly now.

This morning was the last time we’ll go to church at Sandgate Uniting. Kerrie spent most of the service in tears as Peter’s message and the words of the songs hit deep. Peter preached on the “The Sower Sows the Word” which has been the most impacting parable in the Bible for me personally. He skillfully showed the relevance of this wonderful parable to today’s world. Betty’s message to the kids about “Love is a verb” also displayed the knowledge, love and understanding of the Word of God that we’ve come to expect from her. As we said our goodbyes it struck us how much this little church has been a part of our lives over the last 10 weeks and we realised that we’ll miss it very much.

We fixed some faulty window catches in the van and finished attaching the storage tubes for the fishing rods and various bits and pieces before going to Barry and Christine’s for a goodbye BBQ. Kerrie put up the curtains that Nola has made for us. They look soooo good.

It was such a wonderful time spent with Wayne, Ashley, Emily, Barry and Christine that we could have easily just decided to stay. We’ll miss you so much. To make it harder, at the end of the night Barry and Christine gave us a wonderful gift that simply left us speechless. Barry and Christine, you are our family, but you’re much much more. You are our friends. Your generosity, your wonderful nature, your unfailing love, and the way you always intensely listen and are slow to talk, (especially about yourselves); are just some of the things we will sorely miss. Barry unashamedly tells of the accidents and mishaps that seemingly happen to him more often than most but rather than make him seem like “Frank Spence” they create a warm and unique charm that makes you laugh with him but never AT him. Most of us know that the main reason “stuff happens” to him is because he DOES more each day than most others. In my 45 years of working – oil rigs, fishing trawlers, ships, industrial kitchens, mining camps etc I’ve NEVER seen anyone work like Barry Jones. This man truly is “worth his weight in gold”.

Thank you for being the “Best Brother in the World” and the most beautiful Sister in Law.


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