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Heading home to QLD

A rest stop north of Finley NSW was our first "Free Camping" spot

A rest stop north of Finley NSW was our first "Free Camping" spot

Well the day finally came to leave Melbourne. After 3 months in this amazing city we’re heading to Qld to register our new home.

We have spent 5 weeks in the western suburbs of Rockbank, Melton Sunshine area . Then moved for another 5 weeks to the northern suburbs of Coburg, Preston, Bundoora. And finally to the eastern suburb or Wantirna, Bayswater and Knox for 3 weeks.
At each spot, on the odd occasion out we gave ourselves, we explored the areas. We both loved the northern suburbs . The restaurants in the area and the ease of getting to the city on the trams made this a great stop over for seeing Melbourne at it’s best.
Melbourne never stops. Even at 9.00pm in the city on a Monday night it’s still busier than Brisbane at lunch time through the week.
It does make you feel alive but it also makes you feel like you should be going “somewhere” doing “something”.
A bit different than Tasmania where you feel the need to just stop everything and let your mind take in the beauty.
The change over from the “Old Girl” to the new van went smoothly. A young couple from the area had asked to buy the old van. Chris and I both felt that we were suppose to give the van away and that God would send the right people. When they said they didn’t believe in debt and had an old Millard van that was too small to fit the family in we both knew they were the ones.
They couldn’t quite grasped the fact we were giving it to them and, until they held the keys didn’t really believe it.
I thought I would feel sad when she drove away but because it was so right I only felt pleasure and contentment.
Now Barry had come down to Melbourne to pick up his new purchase. A Trayon camper to fit on the back of his ute. So after he and Chris had been to pick it up, we had something to eat, then all of us set off for Qld around 3pm Saturday afternoon.
Our first night on the road we pulled up at a rest stop north of Finley about 7.30pm.
Our first time “free camping” in the new van. This is what we had in mind when we purchased the van and we hoped it lived up to our expectations.
Now let me described the way we had to do it in the “Old girl”…
first you had to get the van as level as possible so the door would open easily so that would entail driving it up on blocks.
Then when inside you would have to step over the fold up chairs that would be on the floor as well as the fold up table and the pole for the TV antenna.
You would have to bring in the porta loo because you didn’t want to go outside as it’s pitch black so that would also go on the floor in the front.
You would have to move the second computer monitors and the antenna off the beds and put the annex in the car as that usually sat in the front of the van when we travelled.
You would then have to light the gas for the fridge by lying on your stomach on the floor so you could pull out the knob and turn the flint easier.
And if that didn’t work you would have to go outside and light it manually.
Then stepping over all that, you would cook dinner and then go to bed as there would be no TV and way too much hassle to move things around to set up the computers to do some work.
It was OK if you stayed in a place for a couple of days and could get organised but overnight just wasn’t worth the hassle.
Now the new van…
Stop the car, turn on the gas, switch on the inverter for the computers and hop in.
The door opens and closes easily even on sloping ground.
There is nothing to move or step over. Switch on the pump and the hot water switch.
Turn on the computer while cooking dinner and tune in the TV.
If you are not in range of any stations you can always play a DVD. Have a hot shower within 15 min.
What a difference.
Now on the second day we caught up with Barry as he was taking it a lot slower going back.
Stopping and having practise sessions with the camper or even finding spots to go 4×4 to see how it handled with the extra weight.
I took over driving his car so he and Chris could catch up in our car. We eventually stopped just north of Coonabarabran about 5.30pm.
Barry left about 3.30am this morning but we didn’t get away until 5am.
I like to have breakfast first. I know I’m a wuss.
We weren’t going to push it but we just kept going swapping drivers and arrived at Eight Mile Plains about 5.30pm.
We will stay here for a few nights to visit with Barry & Christine, Ashley, Jennie, Emily and Wayne then off to David & Lacey’s place to see everybody else.
We are enjoying the sunshine and are back into shorts and t shirts.
The washing is actually drying in the sun, for the first time in 3 months I don’t have to put the clothes in a dryer or in front of the heater.
QLD is THE best place to be in winter. Blue skies, warm days ahhhhhhh.

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