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The final days before leaving

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As the days before leaving get fewer we can’t help but feel a little anxiety mixed in with the excitement that the time has finally come!

The biggest challenge, of course, will be leaving you all – our family and friends. We’ll always be just a plane flight away if any of you need us. Kerrie will be 50 this year and I will be 60 and we feel quite strongly that if we don’t take this journey of discovery now we may never be able to.

We want to learn everything we can about the places and people of this great country. We want to see new methods of growing food so we can produce most of what we need when we come back home. We long to learn more about how to live simply but happily and we want to really understand the lessons Perc and Gwen, (Mum and Dad), have given us on how to live a near perfect life with an unshakeably strong marriage.

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