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Hospital at Goondiwindi

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Chris in ospital in Goondiwindi

It had been 8 weeks or so since we’d had a full day off from our duties on the farm so we were so looking forward to a week’s break that would see us once again in Brisbane catching up with precious family and friends.
As usual, it was a bit of a whirlwind of activity starting with a very early departure from the farm on the Wednesday morning and a short nap at Barry and Christine’s place in Brisbane before going to take in the opening night of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Lyric Theatre at Southbank.
Neither of us had been to a show for years so this was a real treat and such an amazing contrast to farm life.
We ended up scoring 2 of the last tickets available when we learnt that Emily had won a contest that would see her become part of the show.
She had to make a 30-second YouTube video of a song from the show and what she did was unique and clever.

Part of the prize was 2 free tickets to opening night so Emily and a friend … Joined us for dinner before the show and we had a delightful time catching up.
The opening night of the show was awesome and well worth the money even though we were not to be able to see Emily’s performance. It’s later in the show’s season.
By the time we got back to Barry and Christine’s we were wiped out and slept soundlessly till morning.
The hectic pace was to continue with one of the regular Brisbane tasks – Shopping!
This is never without its stark contrast to country shopping at Goondiwindi with its proliferation of coiffured-haired male youth, and the unceasing stream of individuals desperate to mark themselves as “different”, “special” and separate from “normal” society.
Even Kerrie seems to exhaust her shopping fixes much quicker nowadays.

Then it was off to a 3-hour hair-dressing sitting for Kerrie while I coffee’d at Starbucks and watched shops and booths struggling for a few customers even though the centre itself was quite busy.
After the shopping thing was finally over it was off to see Ashley, Lish and the grandkids, Riley and Charlotte
This is always a delightful part of our trips home.
The changes and transformations that little Riley and Charlotte go through between our visits never cease to delight us.

Unfortunately, Lish and the kids had colds and of course, I ended up catching one.
I hadn’t been dosed up with my usual vitamins because one of the reasons we were in Brisbane was for another colonoscopy and I wasn’t allowed to take vitamins.
I had also been on a restricted diet with no food and I must have been more susceptible than normal.
Anyway, I started to feel crappy on the way back to the farm on the Wednesday and by Monday night I couldn’t breathe, wheezing and struggling for each breath.
It was time for a late-night run to Goondiwindi hospital.

Gundy hospital is a great hospital, staffed with wonderfully efficient and friendly people who promptly put me on Ventolin, gave me some pain relief for where the constant coughing had ripped the area around my past surgery sites and put me on a drip.
I was diagnosed with a chest infection, the result of influenza.
I was admitted and there I was to stay for the next few days while poor Kerrie was left to go back to the farm and organise the food.
One of the Irish backpackers, Stephanie, was allocated by Toby to help her and as always she rose to the occasion and uncomplainingly ensured no one was disadvantaged.

Three days after leaving the hospital I’m still finding breathing heavy going.
It’s a mean bout and I can’t help feeling so sorry for poor little Riley and Charlotte struggling without the luxury of being able to communicate how they felt.

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