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Housework – A women’s work is never done.

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Got a phone call from the company this morning. They are looking at other programs we have and want us to send in quotes etc. Funny, when you think of “business deals” being negotiated you conjure up an image of business suits in high-rise offices. Not in our business. Chris was sitting there in his dressing gown and slippers and I was washing up in my trackies with both of us in our 40 yr old caravan. Life’s great isn’t it?

After the “housework” inside I decided to give the caravan a wash and remove the road grime from the old girl. Chris was inside changing the programs around to suit their requirements. After lunch I informed Chris I wanted to go shopping, real shopping you know the kind when you go into every shop to have a look. I wasn’t buying anything, there’s no room to. Rule of caravaning if you buy something, something else has to be thrown out. So I looked on the internet to find a large shopping centre. Right, I’m ready, then it happens, Chris decides he wants to come. I warned him, “Are you sure? No whinging.”

So we went to Highpoint Shopping Centre. It’s lovely, 2 levels, I’m in my glory. Then I see it, my heart flutters, 3 levels, Yippee!! I looked at Chris, I just know he had already seen this. “When did you know?” “Before”. He thought “S%#t don’t let her go that way” Too late. So I park him with a coffee and continue with my “exercise”. Mostly cinemas and restaurants on level 3 but there are still shops.

Eventually, I come back and we go home. I have just finished cooking dinner, it’s 8 pm now and Chris has decided we need to make another video to send off to them. It’s a great way to sell. I get to bed at 1.30 am he comes to bed at 2.30 am. This is a working trip, but we have an amazing office. When you get sick of the view from the window, pack up and move on.

Chris’s version…

Kerrie did a great job on the “housework” as usual. A “tidy up” turned into a minor reno of the caravan, even scrubbing the gaps in the windows with little brushes. We could have palmed the van off as brand new by the time she’d finished. I felt so bad (not), letting her do it all I thought I would support her, you know, do what SHE wanted to do and like it. Being the SNAG, (Sensitive New Aged Guy), that I am I decided to go shopping with her and hold her hand and LIKE it no matter what. Just make it about her and let her enjoy herself. As we got close to the shopping centre I could feel the excitement building and I could see her twitching with anticipation. I, on the other hand, began to feel my trepidation growing as I saw the sheer size of the Shopping Mall she’d picked to visit.

Oh well, I thought, at least it’s Melbourne there’ll be new and different shops. Once we had walked the first kilometre through the fluoro lights I realised NAHHH they’re ALL THE SAME! Same shops, same music, I reckon they were even the same shopkeepers and customers. I might as well have been at Chermside or Garden City. After exploring 2 kilometres of the same shops as everywhere else in Australia on the GROUND floor, I felt self-satisfied that I had kept up a good attitude and had done a reasonable job at appearing interested. Suddenly we came upon the escalator to the SECOND FLOOR.


Keep smiling, It’s HER time remember. It’s not about you. This is for HER! Another 2 kilometres of the second floor and I swear they were identical to the shops on the ground floor. Then I notice it! There, right off to the side is another escalator to… wait for it… THE DAMNED 3rd FLOOR! But wait. She hasn’t seen it yet. Quick steer her away. “Look dear at this interesting little shop here”. She must have caught sight of the reflection of the escalator in the window because the next minute it’s shaking with uncontrolled excitement, ” Ohhh look there’s a THIRD FLOOR”! It was almost crying with delight.

What could I do.

My sensitivity and my genuine desire to see her happy just dissipated into self-preservation. “Would you like a coffee before we hit the third-floor darling?” says I. “That would be lovely Dear”, she says.

Now’s my chance! “You are having such a grand time my darling, why don’t you explore the third floor all by yourself that way you can really get the most out of this unique and rewarding experience. I will sacrifice my desire to explore with you so you can taste the full and unbridled enjoyment. I’ll just sit here with my coffee until you’re fully satisfied.”

“Oh, that’s nice of you”, she says. Of course, I know she knows that I’m done with shops. Why do I get these stupid urges to do what SHE wants to do and put myself through the torture of “SHOPPING”?

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  1. Man- how cool is your site? When I opened it I thought I must have done something wrong and ended up on some RV website, actually as I’m writing this I don’t know why I’m so surprised that your site looks so professional – of course it would 🙂

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