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Huonville and the Great Bay circuit

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We head off at 8:30 for Huonville to take our prepaid jet boat ride up the Huon River and the rapids.

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Ahh, OK!

The Huon is a beautiful river no doubt about it but we would not have paid the $69.00 asked for the boat ride. It was apart of the bulk attraction purchase we made when crossing on the Spirit of Tasmania.

The Huon is a beautiful river

The Huon is a beautiful river

The “Rapids” are just a bit of turbulent water and the skipper tried hard to add some excitement by spinning the boat in a 360 occasionally. The whole thing was sadly a bit ordinary.

Huon "Rapids"

Huon “Rapids”

After the “Huon Adventure” we drove a circuit to Franklin, Cygnet, Deep Bay, Gordon, Kettering (where we departed and returned few days earlier from Bruny Island), Snug and Margate before driving back to our little home waiting for us at the Hobart showgrounds.

Although all these places are pleasant and interesting almost every property is for sale – thousands of them – and after Bruny Island it all seemed like a bit of an anti climax. We were a bit flat when we returned to Hobart.

I cut our foldaway table in half, shortened and lowered it as it was far too cumbersome to carry around and it was too high. It was too good to just dump. Now we have a table we can actually use both for outside or in the annexe and it is much easier to store and carry.

After a nice hot shower, (Kerrie had to use the men’s with me standing guard as the ladies’ was broken), we settled down to dinner and an early night.

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