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It’s like we’ve emerged from a cave

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After working for about 40 hours in the last 48 we finally got the first and most difficult part of the uni job done.

I had a nightmare yesterday when at the final hour I thought I had messed up big time.

I think fatigue finally got to me.

Poor Kerrie tried so hard to comfort me and finally I just handed it to God and went to sleep.

When I awoke a few hours later I had the answer.

This always happens without exception.

I honestly cannot understand why I still worry about things!

There’s still a lot to do to finish the job but the worst is over.

It was a major milestone for us today and was a bit like being released from a sort of prison. A great weight lifted from our shoulders as we finished about 9.00am.

We decided to have the day off and go somewhere for lunch.

We headed over to Aussie Wide first to drop off the bike rack which they are installing and the 2nd battery.

It’s very exciting as the new van is now just two or three weeks away.

We then decided to make our way into Melbourne and find somewhere where we could get a nice steak.

We ended up stopping and walking through Brunswick and past hundreds of fascinating shops and restaurants in the predominantly Italian section.

We stopped in at the Mediterranean deli supermarket.

What an amazing place!

It was full of imported Italian foods of every conceivable type.

There were literally hundreds of different cheeses, salted and dried fish, and row upon row of pastas that we had never before seen.

The wine section was incredible with hundreds of Italian wines and spirits.

We bought a bottle of Chianti as it’s been years since I sampled one as I’m writing this I have a glass beside me. It is superb.

We were served coffee by an old Italian gentlemen who called us senor and senora.

It was the most wonderful coffee.

We also had traditional Italian Cannoli with ricotta filling done in true Italian style and a small cake that was soaked in liqueur that was unbelievable.

We will definitely go back there to explore this unique area some more.

We drove over to Port Melbourne then back through the City and back to Brunswick where we parked the car and took a tram back into the CBD.

By this time we still had not partaken of lunch and it was 5.00pm so we decided to make it dinner, opting for a restaurant that we discovered a year ago when we first came to Melbourne on another uni job.

Traditional Cannoli

This was disappointing I’m sad to say and nowhere near the wonderful meal we had there the first time.

We should have gone back to the brilliant Chinese restaurant we found a couple of weeks ago in Preston or stayed in Brunswick and tried one of the many Italian, Turkish or Mediterranean places.

You live and learn.

Driving home was great amid the hustle and bustle of the city at night and although we were both rather tired we loved the day and we both had a really lovely time.

I looked at Kerrie and am so thankful for the skill, dedication, encouragement and comfort she has provided over the last few weeks amidst a very intense part of our journey.

We will see you all soon. Love you all.

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