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Last day before leaving

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Another 4.00 am start!

It seems like everything I touch stuff’s up! Just feel like giving up! Would we be better off delaying the leaving day? No – We can’t. Really must be in Melbourne by Monday to install the program on Tuesday. The damn roof hatch is a pain. We decided to renew it and every fix requires more changes. Talk about opening a Pandora’s Box! Stress level rising. Anxiety starting to take over.

Stop! Just stop!

Do the one thing that has always bought back the peace. Hand it over to God. Once this is done it all gets easier and the peace returns just as it always does. Each time the frustration rears its head, hand it over again – as many times as is necessary. It always works. HE always works.

Took the van up to the Sunshine Coast today for David to lengthen the cable on the plugin cable for the indicators etc. He did a great job as usual and installed a fuse on our Anderson plug connection. Kerrie got an injection for her arthritis in her big toe from our favourite doctor, Dr Rodreguez. Lovely lunch with David and Lacey and then another goodbye to them and good old Roxy.

By Kerrie: I have grown close to Lacey while we were renting their place. Living together does that. For some, it would tear them apart but I am lucky to have children who forgive me so readily. It probably helped that they could pack up and go home after a few days with us. But I must say she has made their home very warm and inviting and visiting it now doesn’t feel like our place anymore but David & Lacey’s, which is how it should be. We are extremely lucky to have 2 beautiful daughters-in-law that I thoroughly feel very honoured and proud of hearing them call me Mum.

By Chris:   What a fantastic couple of kids.

The warranty repair we got done on the HDMI monitor will hold us up slightly as it is still not ready till 8.00 am in the morning and has caused us to put back departure time to 10:00 am tomorrow.

Finally got to see Nola and Lloyd at 7.00 pm. Looking forward to seeing them but at the same time not really wanting to say goodbye. I’d always liked Nola and Lloyd but they were always “Kerrie’s sister and brother and law” up until the last ten weeks happened. Now I feel like they are part of my very close family and I not only enjoy their company but they have become a sort of standard for me to look up to.

By Kerrie:  I have always been close to Nola & Lloyd. How could I not, I lived at their place a lot of the time from the time they got married until I got married. But Nola has always been there for me. Over coffee, you can change the world or your aspect of it. I don’t know what we would have done without them in the last couple of weeks.

Thank you, Nola & Lloyd, for what you did.

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

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