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Leaving for the road again

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Leaving for the road again

Well here we are back on the road again!

After last goodbyes at a BBQ at Barry and Christine’s and an afternoon at Chris and Natalie’s we went through the normal emotions and the hesitations we always experience when saying goodbye to our precious family. A big part of us doesn’t want to go just because of the sheer pleasure we derive from our family’s presence.

We find we go through a process of questioning why we’re doing this and reaffirming that the family (especially the kids) no longer need us to be around the corner from them at all times. All of our beloved kids are intelligent, independent and capable and they are well able to cope with the pressures of life without us. We’re also sure that if that were to change and they did genuinely need us we can and will be there very quickly.

We find ourselves again asking ourselves what is our alternative if we don’t go?

Would we find a 9-5 job and rent somewhere? If so, to do what, and for what purpose?

Also we see the world changing rapidly and the freedoms that allow us to live as Grey Nomads eroding bit by bit. We fear that the freedom to do this may not always be there.

It’s been one year since we moved into permanent residency in the caravan and we can honestly say we’ve not regretted a single day. We love the Aussie Wide. It’s so comfortable and easy to live in and it feels, well, like home!

It was with a good deal of sadness that we hooked up and made ready to leave David and Lacey’s place on the Sunshine Coast knowing it could be quite a while since we see them again.

We feel very close to them after all that’s happened over the last few weeks and we’ll miss them dearly.

We took an unplanned detour to Maroochydore before finally setting the Nissan south. I had omitted to renew my licence and had lost the notification paper which meant a trip to the Transport Department to sort it out before leaving.

We expected to meet with dramas simply because we always do with government departments but this visit was painless and quick.

Finally the Nissan was purring olong the highway south as if happy to be on the open road again with the Aussie Wide effortlessly following behind.

We headed out to Beaudesert and then on down the Mt Lindsay highway through the towns of Josephville, Tamookum and Rathdowny toward Kyogle, our first intended stop.

As we drew close to the Border Ranges the roads became narrower and steeper and the scenery changed dramatically into dense rain forest where the Bellbirds provided their unique ringing and the scent of mountain air and rain soaked natural bush drifted through the senses.

We could see the uniquely beautiful shapes of the bush cloaked Mount Barney, Mount Ernest and Mount Lindsay as we progressed deeper into the forest. We crossed the border into New South Wales near the top of the McPherson ranges, the Nissan taking the winding narrow mountainous roads easily, and then we were into the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

After driving through the aptly named Bellbird Park village we turned left onto the Summerland Way for the remaining leg into Kyogle.

We intended to drive up to the Border Ranges Centre, about 30 km east of Kyogle, to stay the night as its only a short distance from there to my old mate Geoff’s place. It was to catch up with Geoff that we had chosen this route south.

As it was getting late and we were both looking forward to parking up and getting some dinner started we decided to stay at the Kyogle showgrounds. It was a good choice. At $15.00 per night we were close enough to see Geoff and the hospitable showground caretakers immediately established a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.Throw in the beautifully kept soft grass and the short distance to the Kyogle town centre and this place is a really nice spot to stay.

Kyogle Showgrounds

Kyogle Showgrounds

The neighbours were the usual friendly bunch we’ve come to expect from the Grey Nomad population. Especially friendly and an absolute card were our immediate neighbours Robin and her hubby John who were travelling in a large 5th wheeler. She had a wonderful sense of humour and heart warming laugh and had us in fits.

We’d had a great first day back on the road and the peaceful, cool spot at the showgrounds ensured a restful nights sleep.

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