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Leaving Premer

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After three wonderful days at the tiny village of Premer we are moving on.

There wasn’t much to write about because we used the peaceful quietness to finally get back into doing some work, something we’ve found a bit hard to get back into since Christmas.

View from the Van at Premer

View from the Van at Premer

We’ve stopped at so many great places and meet a lot of lovely people and it’s been difficult to drag the mind back onto that which enables us to live this wonderful lifestyle.

View from the annexe at Premer - Peaceful and quiet

View from the annexe at Premer – Peaceful and quiet

A few people have come and gone in the three days we’ve been here and one couple, Colin and Anne, we met in Miles. They’ve been on the road permanently for 5 years in their large Kedron.

The last were a group of three couples travelling in three caravans with a number of dogs. They were from South Australia, travelling to Tamworth for the Festival and we spent a couple of hours with them after dinner last night.

We’ve learnt of a number of other great free camping spots from Ross who is 82 and living permanently on the road in a small caravan on his own. He’s the temporary caretaker of the park here.

The wide expanse of surrounding farmland sweeping for miles in the distance and the silence is the way we’ll remember this place. It’s been warm to hot through the days and cold at night, not so good for Kerrie but perfect for me.

I think the lifestyle we’re living is improving our health as we’re both losing weight slowly, without trying, and we feel great.

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