Meet our newest Grandson:

Luke David Freudenberg was born at 1.31am on the 1st November.
Weighing in at 7lb.
Both Luke and Lacey are happy and healthy.

A very proud Nanna.

A very proud Nanna.

Lacey had been getting Braxton Hicks contractions for the last month but when Luke finally decided to come he wasn’t mucking around.

David, who had been waiting patiently for his birth and kindly giving Lacey sympathy during this “Is it?…Isn’t it?” period, had decided to go fishing at 4am as it was his best window of opportunity for the weather.

At 11.30pm Lacey told David that the contractions this time hurt a bit more than usual, David decided to time them. When Lacey’s next contraction started 1 ½ min later it was “all systems go” in the Freudenberg household.

Now isn’t it the way when you try to plan anything.

Lacey’s mother Maureen had been living there for the last week and a half ready to look after Elliana if this case scenario happened but alas she and her sister had booked a Melbourne Cup cruise and had left 4 days prior. Maureen had booked this cruise before Lacey got pregnant.

Doug, their second choice had gone away for the weekend. Lacey wasn’t due until the 6th.

So a phone call to a friend, a quickly packed overnight bag for Elli and it was off to Buderim Private Hospital.

Lacey was trying a water birth so while they ran the bath she had a shower, David was parking the car and finding Lacey’s requested music USB. After entering the bath Lacey said she had one large contraction that she didn’t like and then the mid wife was saying she could see the head. The next contraction Luke was out.

No hours of hands being squeezed, didn’t even get the music on. Two hours and it’s all over. Now that’s what Labour should be like!

The hospital has suggested she better camp outside if they have another child or it could be a car birth.

Lucky for David the contractions didn’t start after he had gone fishing as he thought even and hour out he would have had plenty of time.

A very happy family of four now. For giving birth a few hours before Lacey looks great.

A very happy family of four now. For giving birth a few hours before Lacey looks great.

When I got the text message shortly after Chris and I were up drinking coffee waiting to watch the Rugby World Cup between New Zealand and Australia.

So once the sun had come up (way too many kangaroos on the road before hand) I headed off to the Sunshine coast. Chris couldn’t come this time as we are still feeding the harvesters at Koramba.

I know we are behind with the blog and need to catch up…all in good time.

For the next couple of days I got to spend time with Elliana while David and Lacey got to know Luke at the hospital. I had a ball taking Elli on “Adventures”.

We caught the bus to Caloundra for a “Pink Ice cream” and of course we had to go to the beach for a swim. Elli’s afternoon nap which is usually 2-3 hrs turned into 4hrs. I think we were both a little tired.

The next day it was off to The Australian Zoo which we have annual passes for. Elli wanted to see the tigers.

Elli got to see her Tiger at The Australian Zoo.

Elli got to see her Tiger at The Australian Zoo.

After visiting the hospital for lots of cuddles with Luke I took Elliana to Sizzlers for a dinner date.

She loved being able to pick lots of different foods and the dessert bar was a kids heaven. Lacey’s parting words to me were “No soft drink Nanna” – yeh yeh. What happens with Nanna stays with Nanna. The only thing was with all that dessert fillings, marshmallows, smarties, ice-cream, jelly etc. I was the one babysitting at home. So she didn’t go to sleep at her normal time but was in bed and asleep by 8.15pm.

Now Elli wakes up EVERY night, has done since she was born. She dreams so vividly “No I don’t want to do that” etc. Most of the time you just settler her, give her back a rub and she goes back to sleep. But she does wake up EVERY night. On this night she didn’t. She slept straight through till 5.30am. Nanna on the other hand was up checking on her all the time with my phone light hoping I hadn’t put her into a diabetic coma from all the desserts. Ha ha that should teach me.

Luke so far is a dream baby! Lacey does say he is his father’s son as he is looking for food all the time.

Elliana is taking her role of "Big Sister" very seriously. She keeps commenting on how small everything is on Luke.

Elliana is taking her role of “Big Sister” very seriously. She keeps commenting on how small everything is on Luke.