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Meeting up with Candy

From Blackall we drove to Charleville Monday. Out here there is not much between towns except for the occasional homestead in the distance, or when you come to a town.

Now every town has “something”. The oldest town in country Qld, the oldest pub etc In every tourist brochure they have a little bit about the
towns on the route. I love reading about them and try to know something about the towns we will pass through. So Tambo is ‘outback Teddy capital of Australia’

Then came Augathella known for its fascinating history of bushrangers, bullockies and bullock teams.

Remember there is about 100km between these towns so any change in scenery is exciting.

We arrive in Charleville and stop at our 3rd Caravan park in a month. Usually in peak season they have camp oven dinners and Yabby racing for the amusement of
the travellers but as we are out of season we don’t get to enjoy these activities.
Now I have a friend out here. Candy and I worked together at ACU when we both did a stint in Timetabling. Candy works in Finance at ACU and I knew she would be out here staying with her son and daughter-in-law for the birth of their 4 child. Jason is a police officer here.

So a quick trip to the Police station and the usual verification of “who am I” and we had organised to go out to the RSL for dinner that night.

Then the usual grocery buying at one of the 2 IGA stores in town (proved a little cheaper than Isisford) and back home to air-condition comfort.

One of the ideas of stopping at a caravan park is to do the washing, but alas it’s a rule that because there is no sullage here you have to use their washing machines not
your own. Think it’s more of a money thing as again, it’s artesian water and sprinklers are going all day and night through out the van park.

Dinner was a lively catch up with Candy and her family. Got to hold a 2 week old baby who at 9lb 15oz born was a shock for his Mum Peta, who is stick skinny and already has her shape back. I even managed to put Nat to sleep so maybe I haven’t “lost the touch”.


Tuesday was cleaning morning, washing, scrubbing vacuuming. Anything to try to remove some of the red dust that has taken over the inside of the van. Now hot and sweaty I
was looking forward to a nice cold, again hot or hotter.

On Tuesday night Candy, Chris & I went to the Cosmos Centre. Here with guides you get the opportunity to view the night sky, an entire roof is rolled off to reveal 3 powerful 12
inch Meade telescopes. We got to see Jupiter and 3 of it’s moons as well as other interesting facts. Every night is not the same stars to look at.

Cosmos Centre at Charleville

Cosmos Centre at Charleville

The different months of the year as well as times through the night it’s all changing. We couldn’t see the Southern Cross as that disappears from Oct – Jan out here.


Today we are heading only 90km down the road to Morven. There is a “free camping” ground in their recreational park that has electricity and water. They ask for $5
donation a night for up keep.

So again we have air-condition comfort to work in.

The “Camp 6” Book and the others we have paid for have well and truly paid for themselves in allowing us great camp spots along the way. There is a toilet block and showers at this spot also. There is nothing less here than at the Van parks we have just paid $30pn at.


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  1. Hello Chris and Kerrie

    We are at Albury at the moment dealing with a bit of car trouble. Will start when it decides to and not when it should. Had various comments on whether it is a fuel or electrical problem. Could be driving home non-stop, wait and see in the morning. Took delivery of the new van late last week, a few teething proplems but they seem to be sorted now. Plenty of room in this one. We hope the rest of your trip goes well. Some marvellous country out west, I think we are lucky enough to be seeing it at its very best.

    safe travels

    Ian and Leslie

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