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Melbourne and a business meeting

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Initially on waking up we thought the negative mindset we were in yesterday would have gone, you know today’s a new day and all that stuff.

Not quite.

The view from our little home is such a contrast to what we have been used to in the last few months.

We are tightly packed in with 3 other vans and the outlook from our window is right into the neighbors’ annex which is littered with empty rum bottles, packed to overflowing cigarette receptacles (too big to be called ashtrays) and junk everywhere.

Compare this view from our window, to the one at Sulphur Creek

Compare this view from our window, to the one at Sulphur Creek

You can see the difference of free camping.

You can see the difference of free camping.

The smell of rotten breath and cigarette smoke mixed with rum permeates everything.

Oh well, into the business suits and into Melbourne for a 12.00pm meeting at the university.

Bit different than our trackies

Bit different than our trackies

Next we stopped at some shops so Kerrie could buy a new business jacket.

In every shop she visited se was presented with a thoroughly obnoxious assistant completely and totally unwilling to offer any help or advice

It was so different from the friendliness of Tassie shops.

We didn’t buy a jacket from any of these undeserving businesses.

The university campus was buzzing with activity as its 30,000 students scurried to and fro between classes.

It was the busiest campus we had seen in our long experience with universities.

What would we find here? We know they want us to do some more work but what?

I dislike these meetings as I get very nervous.

The meeting involved 6 people and we very soon re-discovered the stress levels and the politics of life in administration of a large university.

We got this overwhelming feeling that no individual, except for the representative of the company we are consulting to, had a clear insight into exactly what they wanted or even what they needed.

As with many organisations so many critical decisions are made without a complete, truthful unadulterated definition of what is actually real.

The administration of managing something like 380,000 separate tutorials and course units every year is a daunting task even with good systems, but our Uni doesn’t have those systems.

We left and drove back toward Rockbank and could have been overwhelmed very easily with the old frustration that we used to experience in Brisbane.

But the weather had improved and we were able to unwind a little.

We decided that if we are going to be in Melbourne for more than a couple of weeks and it looks like we definitely will be, then we’ll blow this van park on Saturday and go somewhere more pleasant.

We also decided to go have a look at some caravans.

Sorry to you all for a dowdy couple of days postings!

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