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More goodbyes and “Last times”.

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By Chris:

Today is the last time I’ll work at the University.

I’m making a couple of final checks to the Operations Management program to make sure they continue to use it trouble-free. Apparently, they’ll be still using it for the foreseeable future even though they’ve opted to install a different system so I want to ensure everything continues to function properly for as long as they need it.

Leaving the Uni for the last time is a bit sad because we’ve made some fine acquaintances and good friendships here.

It’s been a long association for both Kerrie and I.

An enormous amount of my “Creative Energy” has been expended building the CMS system down in the archive dungeon where the chains of past prisoners rattle, icicles form in winter and you get a free sauna in summer.

Coffee and a long chat with Ashley this afternoon.

Ash wasn’t working and we talked about the Godspeed car club, his job, and as usual when he and I get together, long conversations about human nature and God.

I love talking to Ash especially when he opens ups and I’m going to miss him so much.

By Kerrie:

While Chris went to ACU I did some more organising of the Van.

Then I got the chance to go and say goodbye to Candy. Unfortunately, Cecelia had caught the gastro bug going around and thoughtfully decided we didn’t need it in the van.

I have to say I knew Candy was artistic with flower arrangments but her house is wonderful. So visually appealing that you don’t want to go home. So artfully decorated you feel so at home when you enter. I know who I’ll be asking having around to give me tips when we buy.

So apart from the house, we caught up on all the goss which we don’t seem hard-pressed to do.

After that, we went and had a very enjoyable evening with Ben, Alecia and Chris (Rabs).

I must admit there were tears on departure…mine only of course.


I know these days the communication is so close but you can’t beat a hug when you want one.


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