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Morven to Tara


We had walked into town yesterday morning, early, before it got too hot. By 9.00am the air-conditioner is on and it’s heading towards 36 deg.

Chris was after a piece of hose, as we have been having trouble filling the water tank to full as it gets air blocks and spurts the water back out. This is OK when you are using a hose but if you’re filling by hand you don’t want to waste the container full of water. Chris has an idea to have a piece of hose with a smaller tube attached to go all the way into the tank and therefore the air can escape around it. He will also add a regulator on so instead of bending the hose to slow the flow we can regulate it at our end.

At the local grocery/everything else store there was a truck there selling everything you could think of to the shop owners. The modern “Hawker”. It was funny to think that we have been reading about the old hawkers and how much they made a difference to the towns out here. Even starting towns like Isisford. The shop owner was in the truck deciding what would sell and the dealer was pushing products that were new.

We didn’t venture out much yesterday as it was still 31 deg at 7pm. So when we woke to day and it was blowing a gale and still just as hot we decided we were moving towards the coast and hopefully cooler weather. On the weather sites even just as far as Miles was 10deg cooler than out here. We must admit we are getting tired of eating dust.

I know we’re woosses.

So we pack up and head off. The scenery is changing from vast empty cattle properties to crop fields. What we originally thought was barley we have now found to be wheat. They grow a smaller variety that is suppose to put all it’s effort into the head instead of the long stem’s. The colours are magical. The fields are now golden where only a few weeks ago were green and gold. You see more signs of life in houses and cars. Where before you could go 80km before seeing a car or house now it’s every few kilometres.

Arrived at Roma for an early lunch. I have been looking forward to coming into a town big enough to have a sign advertising Mc Donald’s. But as usual the reality never matches the dream. Drive around until you can find a park, 2 TVs blaring in the restaurant, kids screaming. I couldn’t understand the staff as most of them were Asians. It doesn’t take very long after living in very quite places to notice the noise and confusion around you. Oh and remember to look both ways when crossing the street or you get run over.

We hadn’t been to Roma for about 6yrs. Man was it busy. I don’t know if it was being a Friday and everyone was in town but I don’t remember it like this. The servo had every browser full with cars waiting. Coffee shops were full. The shopping centre was busy. I had to stop in at Rockmans and had to wait for 3 people in front of me to be served. Then at the chemist there were 8 people in front of me. Roma is NOT a town that is dying.

So on we went. From about Miles we have noticed the river’s are full and some water lying around in the fields. They must have been getting the rain out here that has been hitting Brisbane. We did stop at a weir just out of Miles but decided to keep driving to Tara. We wanted to look at a block of land a friend (Fiona) has out here. Fiona’s 30 acres is about 20km from Tara. Because we weren’t sure exactly what it was like we decide to stop at the camping ground in Tara and go out Saturday morning. The camping spot is beside  “Tara Lagoon” – a pleasant spot right in the town.


Tara Lagoon is a great spot to add to your travelling list.

Tara Lagoon is a great spot to add to your travelling list.


It’s in the Camp 6 Book. It has power, water, toilets and a hot shower. It costs $5 for the first night, and then the next 2 nights free and after that they charge you $20pn for a max of 14 nights, (same as the caravan park). The managers of the caravan park come around at night to collect your money. They understand a lot of people don’t want to camp with permanents in the van park. So for 3 nights it’s under $2pn WOW!

Overlooking the river

Overlooking the river


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