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Move to Burnie

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After 3 wonderful days free camping at Sulphur Creek it was time to replenish water, empty the Porta Potti, charge batteries, catch up on the blog and do some work for Melbourne.

We were going to get a site at Stanley where we stayed 2 months ago.

We were going to stay in the Van Park 2 days and free camp at the old Stanley wharf but the Park was fully booked for Easter.

We ended up staying at Burnie in a really nice Van Park (Ocean View Holiday Park and Motel) that is very reasonably priced.

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We’ll stay here 2 nights and probably head to Stanley tommorrow.

We felt a bit sad leaving Sulphur Creek at it was a great experience. We might come back for the last 2 nights before catching the Spirit of Tasmania in Devenport next Sunday morning.

After setting up at Burnie, Kerrie put on a massive load of washing and I went to pick up a new TV antena.

The one we bought in Brisbane has been a bit of a pain and reception has been less than satisfactory.

I bought a different type that will be harder to store when travelling but give us a better reception.

The new arial. We mount it sideways and it works!

The new arial. We mount it sideways and it works!

After a frustrating couple of hours joining the coaxial cable to the booster. It was time to give it a go.
We got less channels than the last one and they keep flicking on and off!

I was sorely tempted to take the arial back to the salesman and insert it neatly into his posterium when I noticed a neighbouring van that had the same one.
They had it mounted sideways, different to the instruction.
I gave it a try.

Perfet reception on 21 Digital and all Analogue channels!

It was great to enjoy a nice dinner, clean sheets and clothes, running water a hot shower and the heater turned on against a rather cold night.

It was an extra bonus to sit down warm and content and watch a movie with great reception, something we’ve not done for a while.

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  1. Hi Chris and Kerrie

    Wonderful to see that you both are having a great time in Tassie. Finished up full time work the other day. Doing some much needed house work and preparing for my trip to Broome. Bought myself a 69 HT ute to save wear and tear on the Toyota. I fly to Gladstone on Wednesday with Lachlan to do the transfer and drive it home, Lachlan’s first flight. Fingers crossed we will make it home without breaking down. I have named it the “other woman”.

    Keep well and safe travels.

    Kind regards

    Ian Skipworth

      Finaly the big day’s arrived!
      No more work.
      Congrats mate.
      Good luck with the “Other Woman”, can’t wait to see her.
      Cheers mate and all the best.

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