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Moving to Coburg

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I can’t believe a week has flashed by without a blog post.

It‘s been an intense week for sure.

I’ve been rising at about 3:00am to start work and apart from walks to the toilet block and the occasional drive to Melton for a break I’ve been working till 8 or 9 at night.

Kerrie has worked almost the same hours.

We now have a deadline to meet with this Uni job and still we are struggling to get the data we require from them.

We had another intense meeting in Melbourne yesterday going over exactly the same points and making the same requests we did 2 weeks ago.

I firmly believe that many people today, no matter what positions they hold, have lost the art of listening.

So many people are intent on talking, on telling you what they know, and they just don’t seem to listen.

Sometimes I feel like opening these meetings with an introduction to the best brother in the world, Barry. I would like to say, “Folks, before we start, I want to introduce you to the best LISTENER in the world, Barry. If you learn from him how to LISTEN, many of your problems would be solved automatically.”

But enough whining.

Kerrie specifically told me not to whine in my posts!

We’re packing up the little home today and we’re moving to Coburg till we finish this job.

It’s only about 15 minutes drive to the uni and a short tram ride to the city.

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It’s a lot more expensive but we’ve checked it out and it’s very nice.

We’re looking forward to moving from Rockbank which has been home now for 5 weeks since we returned from Tasmania.

Speaking of Tasmania, we think about it so much. We miss it. We will return one day.

Lots of Tasmanian caravans are making their way through the van park here at the moment so I guess the annual Tasmanian winter migration north is well under way.

We’ll make the actual move to Coburg on Sunday so we are ready to go into the uni Monday or Tuesday.

We’ve definitely decided to move up to a bigger van.

We’ve fallen in love with this lifestyle and the ability to move on when and where we choose.

There are so many wonderful places to see in this country and we have talked to people who have been living the nomad lifestyle for years and still get excited about different places.

Our goal is still to settle on our own small piece of Australia, but we will continue living in the van for some time yet.

As we’ve posted before, our little home has been a great blessing to us but there’s a big difference between living in a van temporarily, where you know you will be back in your house one day soon, and permanently living in one.

We have all but decided on an Aussie Wide van direct from the factory custom built.

It’s a 20 footer with plenty of room to work and live comfortably.

The “home comforts” are a queen sized bed, full oven, good sized fridge/freezer, ensuite with separate shower and toilet (not pokey), washing machine and reverse cycle air conditioning.

It has enough solar power to allow us to work for days without mains electricity.

It has Satellite TV, large separate water tanks for shower and drinking (allowing us to use pumped creek water for showers), water filtration, a slide out cabinet for the generator, one way windows (we see out but no one sees in) and cupboards in abundance.

It also has numerous technical and construction features that outdo the competition.

We’ll make a final decision early next week after we have confirmation of the money from the uni job but if we go ahead it’ll take 6 to 8 weeks to build.

We think it’ll take a solid 4 weeks of work to finish the uni job after which we’ll take the little home to Cooba Peedy and back while we wait for the new van.

After picking up the van we’ll drive to Queensland and Brisbane.

We need to register the van in Brisbane and it needs to be there to do it. We have 28 days from pick up to do this.

Since it’ll be too late to head to Darwin as we originally planned (getting too hot) we’ll do a bit of travelling around Queensland, come back to Brissie for Christmas and then head back down around the Blue Mountains, Mt Kosciuszko and the Snowy Mountains etc.

We then hope to do country Victoria and then head to Darwin about April May.

There is a hint of other work in Melbourne so this is a rough plan at best.

Kerrie’s very excited about moving this weekend as she’s well and truly over the Rockbank experience.

There are some lovely people here at the moment though.

Well folks I’ll post again tomorrow when we’ve moved.

We love you all!

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