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Moving to Theresa Creek Dam

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We headed off from the Clermont Van Park after breakfast and made or way out of town stopping at the memorial tree.

This is a structure built in remembrance of the 65 people in died in a catastrophic flood of 1916 which eradicated the town from the site it then occupied

The structure is marked showing the flood level. Apparently the local Aborigines warned the inhabitants to move the town to higher ground because of the potential huge flood but no notice was taken of the advice.

The flood level well above the car and van.

The flood level well above the car and van.


A replica piano has been inserted in a nearby tree simulating a photograph taken at the time of the flood showing a piano in the same position.

There was altogether 3 pianos found like this.


We proceeded on through the pleasant north western side of town noting it was a considerably larger town than we first thought.

It’s about a 20 minute drive to the Theresa Creek Dam and on arrival we found many vans of all shapes and sizes, mostly Grey Nomads.

We were told by the coffee expert, (Lacey), that the “Sexy Coffee” at the Dam café was very good and it was.

We opted for a high spot a little away from the crowded shore of the dam where we could get phone coverage but no internet. After setting up went for a walk down around the shore line and took in the beautiful surroundings before putting out red claw crayfish traps in on a little knoll stretching out from the shore.

The showers are hot, the toilets are clean and it's very quiet.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and as the quietness of evening fell accompanied by a light shower we settled in for a peaceful night.

(From Kerrie)

We sat outside for lunch today over looking the dam, talking to the next door neighbour.

Lesson #1 don’t leave your sandwich unattended. Within seconds Lorikeets had decided the sandwich was theirs.

They are very inquisitive animals and are not afraid of


They just demolished the sandwich.

They just demolished the sandwich.


They also have a lot of friends. The sandwich was demolished just as quick as teenage boys can do the job.

The sandwich didn't take long to disappear.

The sandwich didn’t take long to disappear.


And just as picky. They don’t like lettuce. Bread, meat, tomato gone. The plate was picked clean.

They are not afraid of humans

They are not afraid of humans


We are using the hot showers here to save water from the van. So far on this trip everywhere we have pulled in to has water on tap that you can use to fill up the van. Except here.

They have dam water and rain water but ask you not to fill your vans with them.

We were told and have seen the Library/Information building in Clermont were you can use the hose outside to fill up with.

The battery power we have has not let us down. We have all the lights on at night, TV going and can work all day on the laptops with out so far as turning the generator on.

This trip we are pushing everything to see what we can and can’t do. So far sitting in the middle of a park is no different to sitting in a caravan park paying for the privilege.

Except having the microwave on or doing the washing. But if we do need to use those items we turn on the generator.

You don’t have neighbour’s right next door as everyone free camping gives each other space. Unless their travelling together.


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