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Mt Wellington, then to Hospital

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Getting of to an early start we headed to the Saturday Salamanca Markets in Hobart city.

These markets have very wide recognition as being special in the world of markets our expectations were high.I am probably not the best person to write about markets because frankly, “Seen one seen ‘em all”, is how they affect me.After the Eumundi, Victoria and Chandler markets Salamanca was OK but still markets.As with most markets the main thing that stands out is the amazing talent and diversity of people.Salamanca produced this in abundance.And the Salamanca market is big.It was an enjoyable time but a typical market experience for us.

We then headed off to Mt Wellington the rugged but beautiful mountain that dominates the city of Hobart.

The 21km drive to the summit takes you through temperate rain forest to a sparse but beautiful sub-alpine environment with rock formations carved by the extreme weather.

The rugged Mt Wellington summit

The panoramic views of Hobart, Bruny Island, South Arm and the Tasman Peninsula are utterly spectacular.

Hobart from Mt Wellington

The present road was blasted from rock during the Depression (1932), around the same time that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built.

Although the ribs prevented us from partaking of the many bush walks on the mountain we were still content to soak up the mountainous environment and the awesome views.

We need to visit the Mountain again both on a crystal clear day, as the view of the city and surrounding areas would be wonderful, and when it s snowing as it would be amazing to see this wild place under snow.

After descending the mountain we drove to the Hobart hospital as it was time to get the ribs looked at. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t move without pain.

After Kerrie delightedly relayed the dumpster dive story amongst fits of laughter to the staff the diagnosis of a broken rib was made. They gave me some pain killers and the helpful advice that absolutely nothing could be done and the next 2 months would be very painful and uncomfortable.

This is not a good outcome!

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