The Hay Planes

Pittsworth in the Rear View Mirror

Off we drove from Pittsworth feeling confident that we’d at least experienced our first show even if we didn’t think any sales would eventuate.

By the way, you can read about the start of our new journey here.

Pittsworth led us to a decision to stick to the larger agricultural shows and field days rather than the smaller shows where sideshow alley is the main attraction. Also the fact that we had fittings and equipment stolen during the first night and the lack of people on the first day (very few stands opened on the first day) helped us towards this decision.

So, armed with these conclusions we took off towards Goondiwindi where we would meet briefly with Martyn and Sarah, our dear friends and ex-bosses.

The car’s performance, the smoke, the power loss had begun to make us feel nervous about the thousands of kilometres that was before us. Towing on a flat road was fine, but hills were a struggle. The poor old (drastically underpowered) Nissan could not do the extra weight of the show gear plus the caravan.

We made another decision!

Another Life Changer!

We’d drop off the caravan at Ashley and Lish’s place on Koramba farm and drive to each of the four remaining long distance shows. We’ll return to the farm between shows. We’d need to stay in motels so the cost would dramatically increase, but at least we’d have the car.

So now, on the way to Lucindale in South Australia, we feel homeless without our beloved caravan, but at least we’re able to continue with the shows each of which we’ve paid over $1000.

Because of the change, we couldn’t find a motel anywhere near the Lucindale show site, so we ended up over an hour’s drive away at Naracoorte.

First Day at Lardner Park

The morning the finds us up well before dawn for the long drive to the show. Filled with a bit more promise because of the Lucindale site ’s general business and the obvious accent on farmers and machine operators, we set up again just in time for some early enquiry.

Simple WHS at the Lucindale Show Day

The genuinely interested enquiry and a prolonged visit and inspiring chat with an official from WorkSafe South Australia, who was super encouraging, was just what we needed to boost flagging spirits. The WorkSafe SA guy’s remarked, “Our people need what you’ve got. Keep at it.” It was just what we needed.

A Pattern Emerges

A pattern began to emerge from the enquiry, and though we didn’t know it, then it was to change the course of business for us yet again.

The next day was back to our more familiar journey of crappy setbacks!

The wind had arisen through the night, causing a tear in the marquee, and it was a miserable day that kept any potential customers in their homes.

Neighbouring site owners were so disgusted in the turnout that they began to pack up early.  The comment, “Worst show day ever” became common.

So again it was a pack up with a lot of trepidation.

It was a long drive back to Koramba farm and the caravan and more decision needed to made.

The next phase of our business journey is here.