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Nothin’s ever easy!

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I had the feeling yesterday that we were no longer “staying in Melbourne for a while” as part of our journey but rather we were lingering in a sort of never ending waiting game. To add to the frustration the major player is off somewhere playing another game!

Our University client is hopelessly lost when it comes to knowing what they need to do to understand their space usage.

After the elation we felt the other day of being able to get them to see the problem and how we can solve it, we now feel the frustration as they revert back to stumbling around in the problem again. They’ve allowed the cloud of complexity to again obscure the answer.

They are jumping on perceived solutions from people within the organisation who have proven over the last year that they don’t understand the problem properly and therefore will never arrive at a solution.

I was ready to just call them and say, “Guys, we’re outa here. Call us when and if you need us!” We would then spend 20 minutes hooking up and within an hour Melbourne and the University would be nothing more than an ever diminishing vision in the rear view mirror.

Kerrie was not of the same mind!

She just calmly carried on work and every time I would get frustrated she just calmly stated that God had us there for a reason and just trust Him not the University.

Now Kerrie is just as anxious as me to continue the journey, especially as she now has an added incentive to move on – MICE.

You all know how Kerrie just abhors even the thought of them. The one thing that really makes her lose control is the site of a mouse.

She thoroughly and completely detests them more than anything else on the planet.

The van park here has a mini mouse plague.

Poor Kerrie seems to encounter one of the hated things every time she treks to the dunny and it litterally turns her into a shivering shaking wreck.

To top it off we had one of our beautiful (and expensive) micro fibre towels stolen from the clothes line.

Add the dull, grey chilly whether to this and yes, Kerrie wants to move just as much as me.

But she believes God’s got us here for a reason and we’ll stay till that reason is fulfilled – end of story!

Through it all, while my face twists into a reflection of my inner frustration, her face always retains a smiling, calm and contented acceptance  even when a mouse gives her the opportunity to start packing up.

So good folks, it’s back to taking it “One Day At A Time” and simply doing the best possible job we can (as if we were doing it for God, not the University) and just continuing to work till we get His go ahead to move on.

On  a brighter note…

We did have a win with another of our University clients yesterday when we were able to remotely solve  a problem for them and OF COURSE…


Another stirring win for Queensland in the State of Origin.

Poor Kerrie was embarrasssed as she tried to control my whoops of delight everytime Queensland were in possession and my derogatory remarks at every NSW play.

I miss being at the Stadium to watch the game, especially with Emily.

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