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Our Garden:-

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Our garden - Massive , delicious tomatoes

Just an update on our garden.
Everything is growing really well. We also have added the CapPlus Table (Capillary Watering) as a seed-raising table. With the wind and heat out here seedlings would dry out quite quickly, so with this system, even the seedlings are doing well.

We added another shade area to hold the seedling table as the greenhouse has filled up with plants. Star pickets, old irrigation pipe from down the back put over the top and some shade cloth we had all tied on with cable ties. Again quick, easy and totally removable. Add a bit more 4mm tubing to the rest of the system and “Bobs your Uncle.”
Again quick, easy and totally removable.

The idea is to get everything working properly so when we go away for a few weeks at a time, it will look after itself.
We added larger nutrient containers and implemented a timer. This is working out quite good and we can extend the time to refill everything to approx. 4 weeks.

After the farm closed down we had a three-week stint away and the thing worked so well we didn’t lose a thing.


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