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Out of the Little Home for a few hours

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For the last week life has pretty much consisted of work, 12 – 14 hours a day of it!

We received an email from the Uni’s  IT department a few days ago saying they were – quote “struggling with the complexity of the problem”.

This of course means we’re back on track to continue with the job.

Kerrie, as usual was right – no need to be frustrated or get stressed.

Today we decided to have a bit of a break and drove to Melton, about 10 minutes from here.

Melton is a bustling town and really quite pleasant although it seems to be thought of as the Inala of Melbourne.

We can definitely say we’ve seen a lot worse places here than Melton.

We got some chips for lunch from what must have been the cleanest, friendliest Fish and Chip shop in Melbourne.

We visited the Tasman meat market with an awesome range of meats and fish, and much other produce, all at very reasonable prices.

We also found a fruit and vege market where we picked up the largest juiciest oranges imaginable for 60c a kilo.

We found a pleasant place to have a coffee and while sitting there I was intrigued by a lady I spotted sitting not far away.

She had the most amazing expression seemingly permanently fixed on her face.

It was an expression that seemed to advertise that she had a massive haemorrhoid, an anal fissure, cramp, arthritis, a headache and a cold all at the same time.

Her mouth was downturned into a fearsome scowl that would make the toughest man amongst us cringe in fear.

She was probably a really nice lass, I only observed what the exterior was shouting to the world.

I drew the Princess’ attention to the lady and after a short conversation about possible causes for the pained and angry scowl I stupidly remarked that she, (The Princess), sometimes scowled, particularly when she was deep in thought and miles away in her thinking.

Well, this resulted in the entire remainder of the day being spent trying not scowl.

I would be talking normally to her when suddenly her eyes would pop open, she would put on this most unusual smile, raise her eyebrows and generally look like someone had just jammed a needle full of LSD into her bum.

“What on earth’s the matter”, I said when the phenomenon first occurred.

“I’m just trying not to scowl!” she says.

After roaring with laughter my reply was, “Please go back to scowling”!


We were so gratified to read an article from one of our favourite Bloggers, Chris Martenson, on how he makes his own biodiesel. What was amazing to us is that this is exactly what we have planned to do once we get our own property and I had no idea he was already doing it.

Chris designed the amazing free online “Crash Course” that, for us, has long been one of the foundations for our world view.

It was lovely to get a call and a great catch up from Nola and Lloyd last night on Skype as well as a long conversation with Emily.

We miss you all!

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