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Cotton Picking Time

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Cottton Picking is underway in a frenzy at Koramba

Well, so much has been happening again at Koramba.
The picking has finished.
This time the rain held off after disrupting the early part of the harvest for nearly three weeks.
Nineteen days after restarting again and the 2013 – 2014 cotton picking is finished!
All that remains now is the gathering of the thousands of bales from the fields and transporting them to the Gin for processing and the preparation of the ground in readiness for the next planting – whenever that will be.

Everyone was tired after working 18-20 hr days.
It was an amazing effort and really only possible with the degree of commitment to the job that is constantly displayed here, especially by the supervisors.
What we lost in cotton through this long dry spell ( many of the fields had to have irrigation stopped far too early to save the remainder of the crop) we will hopefully make up for with the winter crops of barley and faba beans.

Faba beans (sometimes known as Fava beans) and Broad beans are good source of carbohydrates and protein while containing a low amount of fats and are an increasingly important crop for China and the many Mediterranean and African countries. They also pump nitrogen back into the soil and provide great ground cover for the soil.
The rain that was so disruptive during harvest will now hopefully do some good as thousands of acres of these crops are now in the ground. There’s always a bright side if you look for it.

Shannon’s brother, Zac and his partner Morgan had both come to the farm to work during picking.
Zac was one of the picker drivers and Morgan was driving one of the tractors.
They pick the most conscientious people to drive the pickers because…well they’re a million-dollar piece of machinery and the last thing you want to hear is “Whoops my bad”.
This might seem silly but I’m amazed at how many items and pieces of machinery break down on the farm due to sheer negligence.
I wonder how people treat their own belongings when they have to pay for repairs themselves.
We often remark on the frustration the farm management must go through when they encounter this constant stream of negligence.
Anyway, that’s my rant for the day. Moving on…

Shannon’s Mum Sharon, Dad Ern and sister Georgie came for a visit over Easter. It was great to catch up with them. Georgie, Shannon’s sister was just as down-to-earth as her two brothers.
We are now experiencing the dwindling numbers of backpackers in the camp as the time draws ever nearer for the farm’s closure due to lack of water.
As we will be staying on as caretakers we are in mixed minds about everyone leaving.
On the one hand, it’s exciting to be able to take off on the road again regularly and be able to come back here and on the other hand, it’s sad that such a productive enterprise as the farm will cease providing employment and the high-quality product it is renowned for.


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