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Port Arthur – Just when we think we’ve seen the best

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We left Hobart on this fairly bleakish day to make our way to Port Arthur still feeling as we did yesterday that we had seen the best and everything else would be second rate.

We were in for another surprise!

We decided to stay at the Port Arthur Caravan Park so that we could feel safe leaving the van while we explored the area.

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It turned out to be the best Caravan Park we have stayed in yet.

It’s set in beautiful bush with every site quite secluded and peaceful. The facilities are second to none and each site has a camp fire with free timber and free wireless internet, saves on download space.

A short stroll finds you at the edge of a spectacular bay – Carnarvon Bay – and it’s only minutes to the Port Arthur historical site.
It’s also central to the many walks and sites of interest around the area.

There is an abundance of bird life and the parrots are almost tame.

The parrots are almost tame

The parrots are almost tame

Ya gotta click on this photo to enlarge to see the detail in the feathers!

After setting up we headed to the historical site of Port Arthur but decided to attack that tomorrow as it takes 4 hours to see it properly.

We headed for Safety Cove first and found a small settlement on a beautiful sheltered beach overlooking the distant mountains equally as stunning as Adventure Bay on Bruny.

We then took the dirt road to Remarkable Cave which is as the name suggests – Remarkable.

After parking the car we walked to the cliff’s edge to be met with a wild scene of roaring waves coming seemingly direct from Antarctica and smashing on the rugged coast far below us.

In the distance we could see the tip of the mainland with its massive cathedral spires of dolomite rock where all traces of topsoil has been long ago gouged away by the wild wind and sea to expose these huge needle like steeples.

Cathedral steeples of solid rock

Cathedral steeples of solid rock

The scene below us was awe inspiring.

We then descended down the sheer cliff face by way of a steep almost verticle stairway to a tiny stoney beach on which the  sea thundered after making it’s way through the Remarkable Cave.

Descending the steep cliffs to Remarkable Cave

Descending the steep cliffs to Remarkable Cave

A few metres along the cliff base and the cave opens

A few metres along the cliff base and the cave opens



The peircing cold reminded us of that we were still at edge of the Great Southern Ocean and we were looking toward Antarctica with no land mass between us.

This was a truly awesome experience.

We then headed over more dirt roads to the reasonably substantial township of Nubeena and on to Roaring Beach.

We were the only solitary humans on this wild wind and sea swept place with the air all around us filled with sea spray as the wind lashed the wave tops. We reminded ourselves that even in this strong wind and biting cold this was very, very calm for this place. We could only imagine the maelstrom that would have greeted us had this beach been lashed by the gales so frequent here.

The wild wind and sea swept Roaring Beach

The wild wind and sea swept Roaring Beach

The wind and rain is lashing our little home tonight but it doesn’t worry us one bit. It makes the little place all the more cosy as we look forward to seeing the historical part of Port Arthur tomorrow.

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