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Premer to Mendooran

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Mendoorans Supermarket

Mendoorans Supermarket

Mendooran is a very small town in the Castlereagh District of New South Wales. It’s a bit off the beaten track being about 50 km east of Gilgandra, but it has a good free camping area just a short walk from the town beside the Castlereagh River.

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Although it was quite hot on our arrival the evening was crisp and cool.

Mendooran is the oldest town in the Castlereagh and is a very pleasant little spot.

Mendooran's old shops

It never ceases to fascinate me how we just enter into the lives of the people of these little towns, momentary visitors peeping into a community which has long existed in an orderly, time tried fashion, but that we never knew existed.


There are four other caravans here although no other full timers, and about 4 tents. There’s also a young couple living out of their car.

We’ll probably stay here Saturday and maybe even Sunday before heading towards Hay which will be a two day trip.

We want to keep up the momentum of work now that we’ve started in earnest again and this place is nice and quiet and very conducive to thinking and creating.

Sunday or Monday will then see us cut across to Mildura and then down to Horsham and Rainbow before heading in to Melbourne.

We hope to get a grey water tank and another dedicated drinking water tank fitted to the Aussie Wide in Melbourne.

Many good free camping spots insist on vans being self contained these days, meaning they don’t dump waste water on the ground and we don’t want to miss out on some of these great spots.

If we had a dedicated drinking water tank fitted, about 35 litres or so, we could fill the other two 95 litre tanks with non drinking water if we need to. This will give us showers and dish washing etc without worrying about contaminating the drinking water. We can even pump water directly from a stream or lake if need be.

If we were ever really isolated from good water we can use our lifesaver 4000 to filter enough water from the 95litre tanks to drink.

The brilliant Lifesaver 4000 water bottle

The brilliant Lifesaver 4000 water bottle

We want the guys at Aussie wide to do this work so we don’t interfere with the van’s warranty.

The broad plan from Melbourne is to head to Adelaide along the Great Ocean Road and hopefully catch up with Vicki.

Then it’s up to Cooba Peedy to wipe off another item on Kerrie’s bucket list, and then up to Darwin. From Darwin it’s across the top end and down the West side. That is of course only the BROAD plan – anything can happen.

We had a call from Wayne last night and it was great to hear from him and how he’s going with getting his new business off the ground.


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