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Preparing for departure to Tassie

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Melbourne has put on a special day for our last day here.
The sun is shining and after a very cold night, it is now warm, pleasant, clean and bright.
It’s an exciting but busy day because we need to make some more video tutorials for the SpacCalc program.

After that we need to pack everything up and connect the van to the car as we will be leaving at 5.00 am. It’s now 10:15 pm and Kerrie is just finishing the last video. Poor thing she has worked her butt off today. She’s pulled out all our winter clothes as the reports we’re getting from people in the van park returning from Tassie are COLD, COLD, COLD.

Also, the forecast for Bass straight is 20 knots tomorrow so may be talking to Herbie on the big white telephone.

Hopefully, we’ll be in bed within 1/2 an hour. It’s getting rather cold again now so got extra blankets tonight.


Well it’s 3.30 am on “Departure Day” and as Perc Wood would have said, ” Too early to get up, too late to go back to sleep!” So while I’m waiting thought I’d write something else in the blog.It’s been a great stay here at “Where the hell is Rockbank”. It’s a unique place, only 30 minutes from amazing Melbourne and yet you couldn’t get more country. Looking over the wide plains and hills in the distance is like looking out from any large farm or country road.

It makes you wonder how long it will stay like this as the next suburb along, Melton, which is further out,  is quite populated.

It is so good to wake up knowing we have done our best and completed the installation on SpaceCalc. It has consumed a lot of time over the last 12 weeks.

Well, the weather forecast for Melbourne at the weekend is for sunny and 28 degrees. Wonder what we’ll be in Tassie. Kerrie is so excited about Tassie I hope all her expectations are met and more. Well, it’s about time to get rolling folks so till the next post.

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