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Quiet contemplation outside the caravan.

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Work was finished for the day and I was enjoying the peace and almost absolute silence.

So peaceful over the Reservoir

So peaceful over the Reservoir

The setting sun cast colours of blazing fire over the treetops and the fence beside the caravan was alive with Fairy Wrens and flocks of Finches.
Apart from the breeze rustling the leaves of the big old Iron Bark tree beside the van all was quiet.

As I soaked up the quietness and the magnificent display of colour it suddenly struck me that I was immensely satisfied with our life on the farm.
I felt truly happy and content.

This sense of contentment and peace is quite new to me.
I’ve spent much of my life chasing visions and goals.
Some have been elusive and some seem to have always been in a state of change, sometimes slightly sometimes momentously.

Through it all I’ve had precious few moments where I just enjoyed the here and now.

I realise now that this was a bit of a waste.

What’s the point in living only for what the future may or may not bring while failing to delight in the numerous blessings of right now.

I think a number of things have contributed to this contentment – The farm, the refreshingly real people that work here, this area, living as simply as we do in the Aussie Wide, and of course (and most of all) Kerrie.

It wasn’t like this a few weeks ago!

We’d had a long stretch without time off and we let our attitudes deteriorate a bit.

It would be easy to blame a couple of the backpackers who were of the “needy” type and the couple who leaned toward a tendency to complain, but alas that would be a cop out.

We were to blame and us alone!

Our boss, Martyn was perceptive enough to see that we were having a bit of a struggle and asked us to come into Goondiwindi for dinner – in fact he demanded it.
We had a wonderful night with him and his wife Sarah at our favourite Chinese restaurant and just to realise that he completely understood the issues that can arise on these fairly isolated properties was a tonic in itself.
He talked to Toby and it became clear that they were both 100% behind us.

I think this did us so much good that it made us feel like a couple of drips for allowing our attitudes to drop especially when one considers the immense challenges that people on these farms face every day.

Of course the week back in Brisbane also helped and by the time we got back to the farm it was as if we were more like the people we were when we started work here 18 months ago.

Seemingly in unison with our attitude change the camp is back again to a happy kind of place where there are plenty of people laughing and joking again and (at least to us) there a no whingers.

What does this all mean for the future?
Will we continue to travel?
Will we look to set up a more permanent base out here?

Don’t know! I’m sure we’ll hit the road again because we love it so much but at this stage I don’t really care.

It’s enough to take life as it comes and enjoy the journey each day.

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