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Real honest to goodness free camping

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Well we decided to spend the last 10 days in Tassie Free Camping.

Unfortunately we can only free camp about 3 days at a time as this is the maximum water we can carry and we can only do this long if we shower sparingly.
So we will try free camping 2 – 3 days and then a van park I day.
This will allow us to top up water, charge batteries, do all the laundry and have as many long hot showers as we like.

We chose a beautiful spot right beside the sea at a place called Sulphur Creek about 8 km west of Penguin and about 12 km from Burnie.

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It’s only a small community with 1 small shop but very pretty.
There’s no water or toilets at the site so it’ll give us a chance to really test the little home and all the systems.

Free Camping at Sulphur Creek

Free Camping at Sulphur Creek

The view from the office

Kerrie blew a fuse on the 12 volt system almost straight away starting her computer. It draws too much on start up so we’ll only use the 12volt inverter to charge her PC Battery.
My computer has no problems running on the 12 volt with the inverter.

I had to drive back to Penguin to get some fuses and when I returned one of the locals was already chatting to Kerrie.

Very friendly folk who welcome free campers with open arms.

I try some fishing seeing the van opens right onto the beach but it is a very rocky bottom and the rocks are sharp and jagged causing instant snags.
There’s a sandy beach about 300 metres but I never seem to do any good on flat sand so I re-rig the gear with a float to see if I can float over the rocky bottom.
This doesn’t work either as the waves just push the float back into the land almost instantly.
Oh well, can’t have everything.

A spot of fishing

A spot of fishing

Night time reveals heaps of penguins coming in to feed their young after spending all day at sea. We see a couple but can’t get a photo.

We spend a very comfortable night for our first night free camping totally without power, water or toilets.

The portable dunny works great and the shower (12volt pump with OzTent Ensuit tent) is warm and refreshing.

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