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Reflections on a marriage

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I hope you guys won’t mind a bit of sentimental guff!

Kerrie and I have been working for about 12 hours straight today to get a head start on this university stuff we talked about yesterday.

Apart from a shower and the odd dunny run we have been no more than 6 feet apart all day.

It got me to thinkin’…

We have now been living in our little home for over 5 months and apart from the rare occasions that Kerrie may go get her hair done or I may go for a walk by myself, we have been no more than 10 feet apart for all that time.

If there was ever an opportunity for the old saying, “familiarity breeds contempt” to be proven correct our situation would be it.

This simply has not happened.

In fact it is quite the contrary.

Even after such a close one to one existence I am still excited by and in awe of this woman who I’m sharing this experience with.

Ain't Love Grand

Ain’t Love Grand

I still discover new things about her every day and when I ponder on the way she dedicates herself to me I still can’t believe it. Everything thing she does seems to be motivated by what I would like or what’s best for me or how it would affect me.

I don’t expect her to do this, she just does it!

I definitely don’t give this dedication back but that never seems to matter to her.

It’s never a “keeping score” thing with Kerrie.

We seem to think of the same things, often at the same time – it’s sort of weird and yet at the same time reassuring and comforting.

Of all the great people I see as my heroes in life, of all the inspiring acts of human endeavour and all the stories of love and dedication between humans, none is greater to me than the presence of this woman in my life.

I remember when I was at sea in my earlier working life.

After a week or so living in close proximity to others everyone would be emotionally sensitive.

Sometimes, sitting in the mess room of a ship, you would get irritated at the way someone would hold their knife and fork. You could just about punch someone out for some totally minor habit or personality trait that just got right up your nose.

With Kerrie this just doesn’t happen.

On the odd occasion that these things occur they just never seem to be big enough to cause concern.

The bible talks of a marriage as being not as two separate people but as one composite unit.

In a “Biblical Marriage”, both parties retain absolute individuality, stay totally unique, have their own visions and goals and yet there is this great mystery that the two have become one. It’s so astoundingly beautiful. It’s something that is very obviously common whenever you study two people that have a successful marriage.

I think it’s the only type of relationship that could be successful in this close living lifestyle.

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  1. Chris you now know why I love this girl so much , she is like this with every one she loves. I always know where I am with Kerrie, even when she was a little girl.

    1. Yes Nola and you are also very, very special to her as well. She always has this wonderful, warm soft countenance when she talks about you. I believe it comes from a deep love.

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