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Repairs and cleanup in Launceston

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We decided to head to Longford, about 30 minutes south of Launceston, to stay and use as a base for a while until the flooding on the East Coast had subsided and the risky road situation improved. We want to go out Swansea/Freycinet way and then up to St Helens all in the areas worst hit by the recent rain.

After discovering the Van Park in Longford was 90% washed out we decided to go right on into Launceston, use that as a base for exploring the North East areas and do what we were planning to do in Launceston anyway. Then we would see what the road conditions were like in the east at the end of the week and either head back there if conditions were ok or head on back to Devonport and complete the last week of our Tasmanian trip around there.Cleanup

We set up at the Laguna Van Park which is lovely and proceeded to strip out the van and car and make good repairs and cleaning.

A quick trip into Launceston late in the day reveals a very tidy and seemingly very busy city with lots of heritage buildings. There’s a chill in the air but definitely not freezing.

It was great to hit the sack tonight with a bit of TV, the heater, freshly laundered clothes and a spotlessly clean van.

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