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Running repairs and a clean up

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So Sunday was spent at the Hobart Showgrounds only minutes away from the city centre.
Good value at $20.00 per night.

We checked out the flea markets that are held in the showgrounds every Sunday but just the same as all flea markets, lots of second hand stuff, (lotsa junk), at mostly silly prices.
What would make a person think that an old VCR player, (no CD or DVD facility at all), would be worth $45.00, an old BIG TV for $50.00 or a 20 year old “Boom Box” for $35.00?
More importantly what thinking processes would induce a person to BUY this junk?
Seems to me that the infection that infiltrates the thinking of the masses that something is “worth” whatever the seller puts on the price tag runs deep and will take a while to correct.

We try again to fix the gas on the fridge with no success.

I’m convinced it is the thermostat that’s faulty.
Can’t do anything more with it till Monday.

Kerrie baked cakes and biscuits
Kerrie baked cakes and biscuits

I spent the day doing some work on the websites while Kerrie washed the car that was covered in mud inside and out.
She also found the time to make some exquisite scones and some delicious chocolate slice with chocolate icing.

Cooking in such a small space has not reduced her organisational skill one bit and she bakes regularly with the results as good as any that could be prepared in a large, facility packed kitchen.

It was good to just kickback and “waste” the day.

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