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Shannon is getting Divorce papers:

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Kerrie's Christmas present from Shannon
Shannon is getting divorce papers!!!

Why? He’s not even married.
Let me take you back to a fortnight ago so I can explain.
On our weekly visit to Gundy, we happen to drive past an old tractor for sale, a 1958 Fordson.
Now Chris had to stop and have a look.

A week later and it’s still there, this time with the price on it and it’s reduced!
Now I’m thinking, “It’s just a Tractor…” but Chris on the other hand is all excited.
“We could use this to slash the back paddock and around the fence line, you know the rough parts.”
We’re going back home for a week soon and I’ve been hearing the usual lecture on how, “We don’t need any more clothes, shoes or stuff, we have everything we need”, So do you think I seem excited about spending money on a tractor?
Well, he has to tell somebody about his find so the best person to tell is Shannon.

Shannon likes old machinery. He has an old bulldozer, the one that Chris used to clear away the scrub around the camp (I believe Chris’s kidneys are gone after that little exercise). He also owns another old tractor, so of course, he is the best one to talk to.
Shannon’s in full favour of the buy and even suggests to Chris he should give it to me for Christmas!
This is where I came unstuck.

I informed Shannon he was going to have to get a mail-order bride if he thinks any woman would want a TRACTOR for Christmas!!
Of course, he came back with that huge smile and suggested I could get implements like slashers and back blades for other birthdays and Christmas.

Chris rings our boss, Martyn to ask if he would go around to see if the tractor is still there before driving the 2-hour round trip into Gundy. Martyn joins in on the excitement and manages to negotiate the price down even further. Shannon tells Chris “If you don’t buy it I will”.
Now I’m not sure if Chris came to his senses or if he recognised the look on my face that said “A Tractor…seriously”?? (you never knock a man’s dreams even if they are complete madness). Anyway, he backed down on the purchase but was happy to go get it for Shannon.

Off he went to Goondiwindi with Shannon’s car trailer to bring home the tractor.
Now, as far as I knew only the 4 of us knew about the tractor but within the hour Stretch (Ashley) one of the supervisors, saw me and said, “Hear you’re getting a tractor for Christmas”. News travels fast out here.

My comment was “If I get a tractor for Christmas he gets divorce papers.”
Finally, Shannon got to see the tractor he bought, a 1958 Fordson Major, he would have liked the Fordson Dextor but seemed happy with his purchase.
Shannon even gave me a lesson and I got to drive a tractor for the first time.

So why is Shannon getting divorce papers, yesterday he sent over Travis with a present for me, wrapped as only Shannon would with a nice box and a bow made from electrical wire. What was in the present?
A new water pump for MY tractor…ahhhhhhh men!


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