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Shannon’s property at Emmaville:

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Shannons property at Emmaville

Three-day weekends are now the norm for the few remaining staff at Koramba Farm.
Shannon often takes the opportunity to go up to his 250-acre property at Emmaville.
He invited Stretch & Kim, Chris and me up to visit.

Shannon left Thursday afternoon to make the slow trip up driving his John Deere tractor while towing his Nissan and various other implements and odds n sods on the car trailer. The rest of us left Friday morning, Stretch and Kim with their camper trailer and us with the Aussie Wide.
We met up at the pub in Emmaville before venturing up into the hillside to Shannon’s place. It’s tucked away off the road and is accessed by a common road used by other properties in the area and is very much Shannon.
There are no manicured lawns or views of the ocean. It is flat to undulating terrain with some large peaks that are rocky and wooded which sweep down to large cleared areas.
The views are spectacular!
You overlook the Northern Tablelands of the New England region of New South Wales, with the Torrington State Forest and Recreation Area at your doorstep. He has a shed and water tank, an abundance of firewood, plenty of goats and pigs to shoot (as well as the occasional deer) and great phone and internet service.
What more could he ask for?

He has already taken up his International bulldozer (nicknamed “The Ant”), and his Nuffield tractor (nicknamed “Nuffy” and now has his John Deere tractor up there to be able to get some of the jobs done.
It didn’t take long to knock down some dead trees (a fire had gone through the property a few years ago) and a roaring fire was started.
As usual with Shannon – nothing small. The logs needed to be pushed onto the fire with the bulldozer!
As Stretch and Kim had already been to the farm Shannon took us around for a tour.
There are spring-fed dams, and a waterfall and seriously the views are to die for.
He has started putting up fences around the area and will be bringing some of the cattle he got from his father up here to graze.
While out and about we came across a herd of feral goats. The guns were out and we quickly had dinner for tonight. A goat BBQ.

The next morning Shannon and Stretch started to clear a path down to the waterfall using the John Deere tractor and “The Ant”, knocking down trees, moving dead branches and unearthing large boulders. They had to stop when the valve on the JD broke off the tyre causing a flat. They’ll fix that later, so then we all piled into the Nissan to hunt for another goat. Chris wanted to cook a Goat Curry for the evening meal and he wanted at least a couple of hours for it to simmer. That’s the benefit of taking our home with us as we had all the ingredients.
Up and down hills chasing goats. When they say it’s goat country they mean it. The downside of shooting is the retrieval. That means climbing up the hill finding the animal and carrying it back down the hill over rocky ground. Chris was very impressed with himself that he managed to pretty much keep up with the younger guys.
With the curry in the camp oven to simmer, the others went down to Emmaville to the pub. Chris and I stayed at the property to enjoy the fire and keep an eye on the curry. It was so peaceful and in the dimming light the shed posts reminded me of “Craig’s Hut”. I do love “The Man from Snowy River” movie.

I don’t know about the others but I will have to say Chris outdid himself with his Sweet Goat Curry. We’ve now decided we want to take a goat home with us.
So with an early morning knock on the caravan door and Shannon calling out to Chris that there were goats down at the water hole, we all made a dash for the guns and headed off to bring home a goat.
Success, here is Chris coming home with his kill, the goat thrown over his shoulder, skinned and wrapped in a cotton bag.

Now I had asked how on earth do we get it back to the farm as it’s a 4 1/2 hrs drive? Shannon was very helpful by suggesting we put it on the back seat with the air conditioner on cold.
Not bloody likely!
It turned out to be a lot colder outside than in the car and the goat and ourselves made it home without mishap.

We had a wonderful weekend and hopefully will get to go again to Shannon’s place.
On the way home, we stopped at Glen Innes to visit with Maxene. Ian and Maxene have a 100-year-old house there that they are doing up. Maxene was down during the school holidays and it was lovely to catch up. Lovely place Glen Innes but Oh so cold.


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