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Something we’ve not done for a while!

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s off to work we go…or for Kerrie anyway.

Today we start a couple of weeks of 9 to 5s at the University.

Kerrie starts today and we both head in tomorrow.

I’m going to drop her off and head over to Aussie Wide to confirm the new caravan.

Weather reports today are warning of colder weather, sleet, cold winds and even snow on the Dandenongs.

It’s started as I’m writing this at 6:30am.

Very icy wind outside, but the little home is still warm and cosy.

The Coburg van park, (Melbourne Holiday Park), is very nice indeed.
It’s in the middle of suburbia so to speak yet it’s a lovely bushy, clean and tidy setting.

The facilities are second to none and from the road you can see the buildings of the CBD not too far away.

We have a concrete slab (great for utilising the annexe), a great outlook and the people are super friendly.

There’s good local grocery shopping and everything we need for the next few weeks. The bus is right over the road and trams start about a 10 minute walk away.

It’s good to be away from the old Rockbank with its mice and mud.

The most famous landmark in Coburg would probably be the notorious Pentridge prison, or what’s left of it, not far down the road.

This is where the famous gangster “Chopper” Reid had his ears cut off.

It also combined the Jika Jika maximum security prison where 5 inmates died in 1987 during a riot and fire.

Taking a long walk around Coburg revealed an older suburb with most of the homes from about the 1960s era.

Most are looked after and we get the impression of a fairly quiet and peaceful place, even though quite heavily populated.

We went to the RSL for lunch in neighbouring Reservoir yesterday and discovered some interesting and unique shops and restaurants.

It was a great experience to drive from Rockbank to Coburg on Sunday.

It reminded us of how much we love this Nomad lifestyle.

The road (even though it was only ¾ of an hour away), the view of the van behind us again in the rear vision mirror, the anticipation of new places all combined to make us yearn to be back on the road proper again.

Well we’ll keep posting while we’re here folks and remember we love you all.

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