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Stanley discovery

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You think you have seen some beautiful scenes! You even suspect you have seen some of the prettiest places on earth! Then Tasmania offers you…


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Have you ever experienced a place where almost every footstep opens a new scene of exquisite and picturesque scenery that it brings a gasp to your lips? This is what Stanley has done for us. This town has been nominated as Australia’s tidiest town and has a unique blend of country and fishing village atmosphere. You meander down narrow country lanes lined with hedges, where each cottage-style farmhouse is its own page from a storybook. The farms are neat and everyone is well managed, almost manicured. You come into the town which consists of mostly old, perfectly preserved cottages and shops scattered among the few streets which undulate over gently rolling hills.

Some of the cottages and shops are built on the lower slopes of “The Nut” with this majestic mountain towering in the background and their front windows looking over the magnificent bay below, promising the most fabulous view to their fortunate inhabitants. A short walk to the east brings you to the port, now mostly unused except for the crayfish boats that fish out of Stanley. It is here you can buy the huge Southern Rock Lobsters (Crayfish), live and cooked while you wait. The taste of these beauties will remain with you for a long time.

A short distance to the West brings you to the cemetery, beach and picnic area and a little further takes you to a magnificent homestead, Highfield House, which has a fascinating history and is very hard to tear yourself away from as you imagine the scurry of life as it would have been in the 1830s when the house was built.

We took the chairlift to the top of The Nut, or Circular head as it was originally named,  and we were met with the most spectacular views. I’m sure this land and seascape would compete favourably with any place in the world.

We decided today was the day we would sample a Tasmanian crayfish and although it was 4:30 pm by this time we decided to have crayfish for lunch.

It was unbelievable! Sitting at a small bench among huge trees, the greenest possible grass and overlooking a sea so blue it would be impossible for any man to accurately recreate the colour.

A final walk to the boat harbour finished off our truly wonderful day in Stanley.


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