A great Tony Robbins quote is, “Success is buried on the other side of frustration”.

At the moment I’m finding there’s an inner battle I need to win in order for us to get this business off the ground. It is a battle with frustration.

Frustration is self-induced. It’s allowing yourself to be distracted by whatever it is that causing the frustration. Instead of succumbing to the event that’s the problem I need to define exactly what it is and fix it. If it’s gone it can no longer frustrate.

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A good example is the caravan office.

Most of the time it’s very pleasant to work in. Even in the heat of the summer with all the windows and doors open and a fan to stir the breeze it’s very workable.

But, today I started work at 4:30 am and every minute or so my legs and arms would have ants crawling over them. I don’t know where they came from but after a whole can of fly spray was released over every square inch of the office along with the remaining supply of ant rid, they were still there.

Now to do this stuff requires a pretty deep level of concentration and it’s impossible to concentrate with ants crawling over you.

So what did big tough ol’ me do? Got frustrated! Very frustrated. A tiny crack in the door to frustration opened and I proceeded to squeeze through it. By the time I’d got to the other side I was fully into almost uncontrollable frustration.

When you’re in that place any possible solution is completely clouded and invisible, which makes it all the worse. No way out.

It’s obviously ideal to be able to spot the “frustration” crack in the door and stop moving toward it much less squeezing through it, but I find once through into that place it’s very difficult to claw my way out.

Kerrie’s my best solution.

She patiently listens to me rant about the thing that’s causing the frustration and when I’ve vented fully she calmly goes over the possible solutions.

It’s almost like she strips away the veil and cloud that’s hiding the solution so as to reveal it to me. She sees it but I can’t.

The ant problem was easily fixed once I could see the real problem again.

Oh, how easy she makes my life. Without her, I’d be a hermit living in the bush totally remote from every human and every distraction and then I’d still find some way of letting frustration in.