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On The Road Again

Exploring lovely Devonport

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This morning Devonport turned on a brilliant sunny crisp and clear day.
Although still cold it was just beautiful.
We went into the city to do some exploring and just as we were starting I got a call from my old mate Geoff.

The great Grey Nomad toilet run.

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What a hilarious moment in time!

Busting to go to the heads I rushed outside with just a dressing gown and slippers on.
First mistake.
After the cosiness of our little home, the blast of chilling wind was unexpected, whipping the front of my dressing gown open and revealing my nakedness to a poor unsuspecting world.

We’re in Tassie

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Well, we made it. We are in Tasmania. Goodbye Melbourne – We love you! We left at 5.15 am this morning to drive to the port. Didn’t want to be late, flat tyre or traffic, anything to delay it. We have waited for this day for a while. Had breakfast at the port watching the… Read More »We’re in Tassie

Finley – The end of the 3rd day out.

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Well we’ve sure covered some miles already! We’ve already seen some magnificent scenery courtesy of this vast country.
The images that will stick most in our minds from today, and probably yesterday as well, are the huge farms.
Mostly dead flat paddocks 2 or 3 kilometres wide stretching literally for miles

From Moree to Parkes

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Wide Open Spaces;

On the road to Parkes from Moree and wide-open spaces are the feature for many miles.
Drove out for a quick visit to the huge radio telescope just outside Parkes. Met our first travelling companions, Brian and Sylvia from Woodgate,

Farewell Brisbane

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  After a hectic round of last-minute jobs and a quick trip to New Farm to pick up our HDMI monitor, we finally hit the road at 10:30 am. As if to say farewell and to leave the perfect image of this wonderful home, the Yellow Rosebush out front exploded into full bloom and displayed… Read More »Farewell Brisbane