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Staying Awhile

Installation Day – A huge day for us!

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My day started at 3:30 am with a few final touch-ups to the program. We decided to catch the train into Melbourne as it would cost us $22.00 per hour to park and we needed at least 3 hours. We walked to Rockbank station.

By the way, whenever we mention Rockbank you’re supposed to say what almost every single person we’ve met in Melbourne says…
“Where the hell is ROCKBANK???”

Double check the program!

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Monday was dedicated to working.

We are installing the SpaceCalc application tomorrow at our client company and we will check and double everything.

A day of surprises

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Today found us at the Victoria Markets in the city. This place is a foodies paradise. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample a couple of items of food from the hundreds of offerings. We explored row upon row of the freshest most amazingly presented food we had ever seen. What an exciting, bustling place that.

A meeting with a good friend

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After a very late night building a video for the university to demonstrate the extra programs they want we made our way into Melbourne. We were going to take the train but as we were running late we decided to drive. Kerrie did a masterful job of driving through the city and it was actually very easy.

A Day of contrasting emotions

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Today was “Business day” and we had meetings at the La Trobe University campus. What a huge, vibrant and alive campus. The central meeting point has cinemas, 4 banks, theatres, bars and of course many different food outlets with an amazing array of offerings. Our meetings were fantastic and we met some genuinely nice people.… Read More »A Day of contrasting emotions

Cold weather – brrrrrrrrr

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Well, a very chilly night!

Mum always said to pack your bed socks first when you go travelling. I did and I sure used them.

Why does the cold weather make you go to the toilet more? I have been very good for the last 10 weeks and we get down here and I wake up at 2 am telling myself “I don’t need to go”.

Melbourne – Home for 11 days

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Today we travelled from Finley to Rockbank,  a suburb 30 km out of Melbourne on the way to Ballarat where we’ll stay for the next 11 days while we install the SpaceCalc program at a University here.