Gore Camp Arrives

This morning (day 2 at Disney) started with the two Gore trucks rolling in with the camp to the backdrop of a magnificent sunrise.

Sunrise over Disney

Rod and Noel made the trip from Goondiwindi in half the time we did and darn near caught up to us.

Matt had slashed the paddock beside the house in readiness for the arrival of the camp.

Slashing the Block

Now comes the tricky task of getting the dongers off!

We need to offload the first building from the rear tilting trailer first then drag the other back off the first trailer over onto the tilt trailer. We then need to unhook the tilt trailer, unhook the first trailer, hook back up the tilt and unload it again. Then repeat for the other truck!

Now when I say WE I mean, I was there as a supervisor only! I was stuffed just watching them!

The 20 ton generator set unloading

The 20 ton gen set was the heaviest piece and that 20 ton is without diesel fuel.

The kitchen is the first building to be in place

Once the kitchen, gen set, cold room/freezer and water tanks are in place and the generated fired up it was our turn to get stuck in.
Everything that had been tightly packed for the trip had to be unpacked and stacked and we needed to get the kitchen and mess ready for a meal that night.

Only a few plates and the crib lunch fridge had not survived the journey.

We finished just in time for the crew to get their first look at the camp and eat a meal in the mess room.
When the crew left for work at 5:30am there was an empty paddock. When they returned at 6:30pm there was a fully functional camp with a meal cooked and ready for them.

First nights food ready

We were tired and aching all over by the time we crashed into the comfortable bed in the caravan but we felt that there was a genuine appreciation for the day’s efforts, especially from the site manager, Baldy.

Although we worked harder than we had for a couple of years, Matt the mechanic and Rod the truckie were the real movers and shakers. They worked without a break and were literally running to get things sorted and working.

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