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The farm has closed:

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The Koramba camp is eerily empty now

The last of the residents left on Sunday 25th May. It’s so quiet here now but it hasn’t sunk in yet as there is still much to do. For the next 3 days, Chris and I cleaned, scrubbed, wrapped and packed away the entire kitchen and closed it not knowing WHEN the camp will open again.

Martyn came out and took the remaining food back to his place. There wasn’t that much as we had been shopping for small quantities of stock at Goondiwindi for the last few weeks, not sure when the last of the residents would finish or just pack up and leave as they found other positions.

Packing away the gym equipment was a laugh. Two of us struggled to lift some of the weights into the back of the ute. Seriously we think they just put all those weights on the bars to make it look good, no one could lift that amount of weight. Then we cleaned out the remaining rooms. Some backpackers are collectors (don’t ask why?) but when they go home they can only take 30kg. So sheets, doona’s, pillows, towels, work boots, all their work clothes and an amazing array of bits and pieces are left behind. Normally I leave a departing resident’s room “Open” to the vultures and most of the stuff gets removed, but not this time. So we had a few trips to the dump and a collection for St Vinnie’s.

We then packed up our caravan, sorted out the greenhouse and finally left Thursday to head back to Brisbane for a few weeks.


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