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The Endeavour Rally at Koramba:

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Toby trying to entice a lift

The 2014 Endeavour Rally from Warwick to Bundaberg via Corner Country came through a part of Koramba Farm.


This rally uses forestry roads and private property to create a fascinating rally through seldom viewed parts of Australia.

As described by their website:

You’ll travel through the outback visiting remote destinations that few others get to see. Enjoy breathtaking scenery by day and relax around the campfire each night.

Stanley, one of the farm supervisors, had graded the River Road so that it could be driven on by the cars and the other myriad of vehicles that would be traversing through Koramba.   This makes it a bit easier for the drivers and helps them to stay on track and not get lost on the property.

Keeping with the whole spirit of the charity event, Toby had caught several pigs in the traps that day and layed them out along the path, as well as setting up outside “dunnies” to add to the country atmosphere and convenience of the travellers.




Toby had supplied sausages for lunch and drinks, and with the addition of a warm fire, it turned into a great afternoon.


The Army joined in from the Enoggera Barracks and there were some contestants who had been on every rally right from its inception in the early 1980s.


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