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The Mutton Bird Experience

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Chris, being from New Zealand is used to eating Mutton Bird as a teenager. So here we are in Tasmania where the butchers stock them when in season.

When we travelled from Stanley to Devonport last Wednesday, we had taken the coastal route through Ulverstone. Here we were in the main street, I had stopped to let a car in front do a reverse park when Chris let’s out a yell, grabs my purse (because it usually has money in it). I hear the words “Cooked Mutton Bird” and “Drive around the block” as he jumps out of the car.

As I come back around he’s standing on the road with his package and a big smile.

My first impression was of this tiny little carcass that would fit inside your hand with not much meat.

“Ok lets try it” I said excited. I take my first bite the taste sensation hits me…I gag.

”swallow Kerrie, swallow just get it down” I think to myself.

It tastes like very strong oily fish and chicken roasted together. It has a very strong smell that will never leave my conscious. “You’re kidding” I yell “You like this?” I couldn’t get the windows down fast enough. Here I was trying to find a place to pull the van over with my head out the window like a dog.

Chris on the other hand was munching away with a great big smile on his face. Sucking on every bone with relish, his face already covered in oil.

Finally a place to pull over as I jump out of the car “Out!” I say “Eat that outside it’s stinking up the car” as I run for the van to washout my mouth and grab something to take away the taste.

So that’s my first and ONLY tasting of the famous Mutton Bird. Now don’t let my experience ever stop you from trying  your own bit of culinary  experiment. You, like Chris might love it. Some people love pumpkin but it’s not high on my list either.

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