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The neighbours are packing up!!!!!!!!!

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This job we’re doing for the uni is a real challenge, which of course we enjoy, but it’s really causing us to go deep into the imagination and work really hard to build the solution they both want and need.

When this situation arises I usually sleep very lightly and wake up often with my mind doing cartwheels over the problem which results in me getting up to work at 2 or 3 am.

My wife insists I'm obsessed with work so I sat her down and gave her a Power Point presentation to explain why I wasn't!

My wife insists I’m obsessed with work so I sat her down and gave her a Power Point presentation to explain why I wasn’t!

I so much envy Kerrie’s ability to put all problems into God’s hands as she gets into bed and NEVER loses sleep worrying.

She usually always wakes up with a solution.

My way is to work through possible solutions through the night and I don’t mind my way. It’s often in the quietness of the very early morning where there’s a lack of distractions that I achieve my best.

As the pre dawn turned into another grey morning we were surprised when the neighbours arose, had their 9.00am rums and 5 cigarettes and coughed and spluttered through the job of taking down their annexe and removing the 10 empty rum bottles.

Could they be … LEAVING????

It took the entire day to pack up working for 10 minutes then sitting for ¾ of an hour drinking and smoking.

It was obvious they were leaving but no way could it happen today.

Look we really don’t mind them, they’ve done absolutely nothing to annoy us and we accept that that’s just the way they live life.

It was just the outlook from the van – It was sooo negative and depressing.

We went for a drive over to Campbellfield this afternoon and checked out some vans.

Very nice they were too and it was good to know just exactly what we would want if we do decide to upgrade – which at the moment is the way we’re thinking.

So into bed I hop about  10.00pm while The Princess sits in the annexe with the heater on full blast transfixed to the TV.

Just as blissful sleep is overcoming myself I hear a muffled scream from the annexe. I’m bordering on comotose so I just put it down to something on TV and turn over to resume drifting off to sleep when into the van she jumps shaking and histerical.

“I,I,I was jjjjust sitting there”, she splutters in distressful blurts , “and it must have been the warmth of the annexe”, she continues in what was close to a blubber, “and A MOUSE RAN OVER MY FOOT! Get out there right now!”

“What the hell do you want me to do?” says I, still unwilling to open the blankets more than enough to let the words out.

“I, I, I, DON’T KNOW”, she cries, “Just do something.”

“Just put your feet up on the chair Dear”, I suggest as I’m now trying not to laugh at the shudders of disgust as she tries to shake her foot to somehow rid it of anything the poor mouse had left on it.

Oh the dilema my poor Princess was confronted with. Continue to watch tv and risk another attack or come inside.

In the end coming inside to bed accompanied by continuing shudders was decided upon.

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