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The new home and downtown Preston

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There we were working in the little home while noticing the comings and goings of every conceivable make and size of caravan, motor home and tent you could imagine, when suddenly an Aussie Wide Bunderra comes in.

This is the same brand as our new home although a different model. Ours is the “Destination”, theirs is the semi off road version and theirs was a 23 footer whereas ours is 20ft.

After giving the owners a little while to set up we toddled off down to have a chat.

The owners are a lovely cattle farming couple from South Australia and have had their Aussie Wide for four years.

It was so good to have a long conversation with them about the van, (and lots of other things), and to hear them praise the van and the manufactures.

They are just as happy with their van after travelling over 70,000 km in it as they were the day they bought it.

They didn’t just display satisfaction with it – they down right praised it!

They advised on a couple of small points we should consider like doing away with the front window.

They have never taken the cover off it in 70,000 km and the front window was where they had there one and only leak.

We’ve observed ourselves that the vast majority of the caravanning community never open the cover of the front window.

They also advised reconfiguring a large back cupboard which is difficult to reach right to the back of. They advise creating access to the back of this cupboard from outside via an exterior cupboard door.

They told us not worry about how many changes we make to the original design as the crew at the factory will bend over backwards to make sure it’s right.

They summed up the van and the manufacturer by saying that we would never hear a criticism of the Aussie Wide van or the company. Big statement indeed!

We heard of a new dealership for the Aussie Wide vans in WA where the dealer took delivery of his first van and sold it 1 hour later.

After this chat with these really lovely people and hearing their story of their farms and how they came to be on the road, we became very excited about the new home.

We found this review by Camping and Motor home magazine, although ours is the Destination model and in a different price range.

The Aussie Wide Bunderra

The Aussie Wide Bunderra – Click image to enlarge

After working till 7.00pm we decided to do something fairly rare for us and eat out.

Kerrie felt like Chinese and since Preston, our neighbouring suburb, has a large number of Chinese and Asian restaurants we decided to head to downtown Preston.

It’s a very busy place with every nationality on the planet living here and you are definitely spoilt for choice where Chinese dining is concerned.

We chose one that looked inviting and on entering we noticed that the place was almost full to capacity and almost every diner was Chinese.

C-Culture at Preston

C-Culture at Preston

It had to be a great recommendation for the place.

The menu contained dishes we had never heard of with ingredients like pork intestine.

We opted for a more “traditional” meal consisting of Wanton soup, Choy Bow, Peking duck (a specialty), Mongolian Lamb and Garlic Prawns.

It was worth it!

The food was exquisite and we realised why the place was full of Chinese people.

It was reasonably price and the service was great.

This was one of our few experiences with the Melbourne restaurant scene. So many people tell us that Melbourne is the food capital of Australia. Melbourne has the nation’s finest foods from every nationality in the world.

We’re sure this is true and this dinner at C-Culture in Preston certainly gave weight to the argument, however, we have experienced equally delicious Chinese food at 3 Brisbane restaurants that we have discovered over the years and go back to regularly.

Also we will never forget the Blue Eyed Trevalla that we ate in Hobart or the exquisite food we enjoyed on our last night in Tasmania with Barry and Christine.

So our point is that fine food, good products, great service and a general expertise in the preparation of a product is not exclusive to any city or state.

You find people everywhere that are just darn good at what they do.

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