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Back To Queensland From South Australia

The drive back to Queensland from South Australia involved yet more decisions.
In all the heartbreak and disappointment, it was still enjoyable and inspiring to travel the endless hours talking non-stop with Kerrie. I can’t remember us having a single argument even when the pressure to give it all up was at it’s greatest. The magnificent countryside help also.

Grain Silos Weethalle

Now, here’s a lesson for any budding entrepreneur couples out here.

By the way, you can read about our previous business decision here.

Unless you can discuss setbacks and challenges together without arguments, accusations and fits of depression, it’ll be almost impossible to make it! You’ll need to get a job.

We always define the problem as clearly and accurately as possible. If we don’t know what’s broken how can we fix it?

Our problem was that if we were to continue doing this, we needed to find another means of accommodation, The motels were eating into our savings’ dramatically, and we couldn’t use the Nissan to tow the caravan.

If we spent our precious savings on a new vehicle, we’d have little left to support us and pay for the up and coming shows until we started selling the product.

Instead of making our way back to the farm we headed to Brisbane where we’d arranged to borrow a friend’s small camper trailer. We were sure the Nissan could tow the trailer, and the show gear and the next leg of shows was a big one where we needed to cover 10,000km.

So after hooking up the trailer, heading back to the farm at Boomi, packing the camper and giving it a new set of tyres and a few repairs we were off once again. This time it was to Lardner Park in Victoria for Farm Fest.

The Nissan Goes OK

The Nissan handled the trailer and the load well with the only problem being a stuffed alternator. After a three-day trip, we were at Lardner Park. It was massive. Hundred of exhibitors over a huge area with flags, and bunting and advertising everywhere making it all quite a scene.

Our space for camping was in a cow paddock with no roads or tracks, only temp dunnies and a generator for power. Since we were the first campers to arrive, we set up in the pick of the spots and began setting up the camper before the marquee and show stand.

It was hilarious trying to sort out the best place for all the stuff.

The generator, the midnight walks over the wet grass and past the sleeping horses to get to the dunny. Climbing over each other in the bed all made for an experience we weren’t used to.

Once again the enquiry about the product was slow but encouraging since the Victorian farmers that stopped were all mindful of a need to manage health and safety better.

Another problem was also looming. This time it was a realisation that we hated the boredom of standing around all day at the stand waiting for the few enquiries. It would have been worse if every other exhibitor around us was busy, but they were all the same – SLOW. We began to become aware that we had made a serious error in judgement.

Show life wasn’t for us! Shame about the $20,000 we’d spent setting it all up!

A Disconcerting Phone Call

During the second day into it at Lardner Park, we get a phone call from the PA Hospital in Brisbane. An earlier scan of Kerrie’s head had unexpectedly revealed mass on her brain. The Doc told us not to worry as this type of mass was quite common, but an MRI would be needed. We knew the scan was due right in the middle of the show circuit and that we’d need to race back to Brisbane then back to Victoria again to continue the shows. The call from the hospital revealed that the mass was a HIGH category one.

Everything changed with that call!

What if the mass was serious? What if it was life-threatening? What If, what if, what if!

Lardner Park and the show circuit lost all significance in our life from that moment.

The call from the hospital, the slow flow of enquiry, the boredom and finally the forecast of really bad weather for the next day was enough. We stripped down the stand, packed up right there and then and hit the road for Brisbane to give back the camper trailer and get back to the caravan.

More decisions were made on the 3-day journey back to Brisbane.