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The Old Home

The Old Home and Annexe

This caravan that we call home was built in 1971 making it 40 years old.

Kerrie’s Mum and Dad purchased it 30 years ago and took it around Australia when Perc retired.
Perc was meticulous in the maintenance of the van which has resulted in it retaining it’s almost mint condition over 40 years.
This caravan has been the focus of endless happy hours spent camping and it’s something that represents the Wood family’s wonderfully simple yet totally fulfilled lifestyle.

Kerrie and I used to take the caravan away at Christmas time before the holiday rush, usually to Palm Beach where there would be a constant stream of family visitors. The caravan became more than just a part of the Wood family, it became a big part of our lives as well.
We loved the trips away in the van.

When Gwen and Perc decided to sell the van a few years ago we bought it. I suppose it was an attempt to keep alive a great part of our lives.

When we decided to travel we were going to buy a new van, in fact, we found one at the Brisbane Camping Expo, but then we thought of our own old van and looked at alterations that would enable us to travel in it instead of spending so much on a new van.
We took out the table that folded down to the double bed and made it into an office that allows us to work on the road. We have a pull out “leaf” that is perfect for a dining table and swivel chairs that are comfortable to work from and can be swung around at mealtime.

We fitted a microwave in a cabinet, some extra cupboards and widened the single beds. We had a new innerspring mattress made to order and installed lift up gas struts on the beds to enable easy access storage.
All the window locks were repaired and Kerrie’s sister Nola made new curtains.

We had a new roll out annexe made and fitted and the old sides were in such perfect condition the annex maker used these on the new one.
We mounted a toolbox on the front to house a battery for emergency 12-volt lighting and power, new weight distribution bars, new stabilising legs on each corner and a rear bumper bar with a mounting for 2 bikes.

The Office

The Bedroom



The Old Girl With Annex

Wayne painted the van with the stripe the same colour as our towing vehicle, a Nissan Navara dual cab ute.
It’s now our permanent home and it’s a wonderful place to live. It’s super comfortable, easy to tow and with the annex up, we have more room than we need.
We humans are very adaptable. We can be happy with virtually anything if we choose to be.
We’ve seen huge 5th wheelers with every conceivable extra and if that’s your bag you’ll adjust to it. We’ve also seen people living in the tiniest of vans and even people permanently living in tents and they adapt also.
We have adapted.
We’ve lived in this van and ironed out most of the bugs and we can honestly say that it continues to do what it has always done, provide endless happy hours and a wonderful and fulfilling lifestyle.

The new and the old – mixed feelings!




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