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The Thermals are out

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This morning, amid raucous uncontrolled laughter from the Princess, I donned my newly acquired long johns.

“Me” in the Longjohns – True!

The green and white candy stripes clung to every bump and contour making HER see the need to grab at and fiddle with everything that dangled or protruded under the tightly fitting garment.

I’ve posted this picture although I’m well aware that some of you may be sceptical as to the actual appearance in real life.


Anyway they’re a great insulation against the Melbourne chill and very comfortable – first time in my life I’ve ever worn them even in Christchurch’s frosty, icy winters.

It was a truly beautiful day in Melbourne today, sunny and warm (when the wind didn’t blow) and was a reminder of Queensland.

We went into the city in the evening to meet and dine with a special friend.

What a wonderful, enjoyable time we had in the company of this uniquely interesting and thoroughly entertaining gentleman who possesses wisdom far beyond his young years.

I always feel hopeful after spending time with this man. Hopeful that there are still people out there that are able to manage the largest and most complex challenges with competence and confidence.

We hopped on a tram about 9:00pm and left the city still busy with traffic and throngs of people.

The tram was packed, even at that time, and as we travelled along a still busy and vibrant Brunswick Street we reflected on how blessed we were to be able to enjoy this city and its people.

Once again it was a pleasure to walk into the cosiness of the little home and be at peace with the world.

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  1. Love the red and your new home looks really great. We hope you get many years of joy from it. We had a great weekend down at the Tweed We got the last site (their smallest) with no slab. It is all the southeners up here for the good weather.

    Love Nola

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